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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sketchbook Writings

~ From my Sketchbook Writings, Thursday January 20th 2011 ~
The Moon, like a pied piper, stole my heart away this morning, dancing and luring it through cerulean skies.  I stood on the stoop and shivered in the blue light, stamping my feet and blowing great clouds of heat through my lips.  There was no time for photoshoots, no time to arrange myself to watch the show, for directly east, the Sun was charging over mountaintops in a shameless flood of luminosity.  He chased La Luna like a jilted lover, warming her skies with toasted apricot hues, warming my cheeks to a rosy glow, warming the breath of the crows to puffs of pure white, like tiny steam engines in the grass.
She, however, only laughed and slipped westward over the sea.  Westward singing my heart over the waves.  Westward till only the frigate birds could spin in her reflected light.
I tried to drink it all in, tried to record those subtle shifts of color with absolute precision, tried to imprint my mind with the way the atmosphere vibrated when their lights clashed.  But like all moments of glory when the heavens open and mere mortals peek inside, I found myself dumbstruck with beauty.  Drunk and heady, stumbling forward with wide eyes.  I opened my mouth but only single notes and the scent of paperwhites came out.  
Now, I look at my hands and recall, ever so faintly, when the sky was the color of my fingertips.


Snailentina said...

What a moment dear dove. I remember last year on my birthday I made a point to let the world gift me the sunrise. I saw it over water and tried to pen something about the experience after because I, like you, was "dumbstruck with beauty." How amazing is it that we get this gift everyday? But sometimes it feels more special than others, sometimes we're just ready to receive all its glory. Thank you for sharing this, for attempting to capture it with words.. It's all us mere mortals can do, but you did it so elegantly I felt like I was there.


UmberDove said...

It IS amazing, no? Thank you for being a mere mortal right with me, for understanding exactly what I mean. I know I can always count on you, lady-friend!

rene.clark said...

You write like they did in the good old days. Back when you had to paint the picture with your words. We seem to have lost that type of word painting and everything reads like a news report.

You are really a multi-talented artist. I'm not sure there is a medium out there that you cannot tackle. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your art, the kind you paint and the kind you write.

PS I'm waiting for your book

mme. bookling said...

Well hello my poetess.

My favorite, "I opened my mouth but only single notes and the scent of paperwhites came out." Paperwhites? Fucking brilliant.

Joyful said...

Stunning photo and wonderful word music :-)

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Why did this make me teary???

Perfectly put, every word impeccable.

Sending love

UmberDove said...

It was moon-magic, every syllable.

Melissa said...

"Now, I look at my hands and recall, ever so faintly, when the sky was the color of my fingertips."

I've reread this a few times and keep getting goosebumps. Sometimes I wish I could see the world through your eyes.