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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

UmberDove and the Return to the Interwebs


It's been a week of small details, quick footsteps, huge talks, grey drives, and overload of scrumptious fare and the future shaping itself into view.

I feel like there are plenty of points that I should cover, so in no particular order, here's what on my mind:
* * *
I love house guests.  I love the people I know, the ones who drive hours and hours to stay in your humble abode, the ones who love deeply on your beasties, the ones who are quite content to entertain themselves with journaling OR squander whole days eating, drinking, antiquing and trying on vintage coats.  If this sounds like you, then you should come over soon.  I've got crisp white sheets on the guest bed and a new jadeite mug for you to sip from.
* * *
I started Radiation Therapy last Monday, the start of a [near] daily affair between me and a giant laser beam for six weeks.  He (the laser) gets to see my lady-goods (with his super X-Ray vision), and I get to fall back asleep on a metal table and let the final "cancerous cell clean-up" do it's business.  On that note, things are looking good, real good.  There was a tiny scare, which lead to an even tinier biopsy, which challenged me greatly in light of my determination to Dwell in my own skin, but in the end, ALL came back negative.  Which, really, is positive.  
* * *
I've spent a great deal of time last week finishing up small projects and tying up loose ends.  I'm striving for that clean slate feeling, where Time looks shiny and bright before you, uncluttered with the to-dos of yesterday.  I have too many thought of "new" in my head, and I'm determined to wrap up that which came first.  Reading back, this seems like the most mysterious blurb ever, but I know exactly what I'm talking about, and I suppose this paragraph is more a commitment to myself than anything else.
* * *
One last thing:
Sancho would like you to throw for him.

Dog Park = SuperFun Time
He's available for kissing parties.

Also Endlessly.


MrsLittleJeans said...

Oh...kissing parties distracted me. Lovely to see you as always Miss Umber...I like the idea of time looking shiny, you gave me a seriously pleasing thought! I am skooting off or else I would be rambling on for a while...clean white sheet, wish I could beam myself up yet again for the second time today to another heart is yours and my thoughts hover pleasantly about you...consider yourself hugged and kissed xoxo

Joyful said...

You have such an amazing way with words, a real artist of words :-) Wish I had a car. Would you let in a stranger, lol. Seriously though I think you are amazing and I'm still thinking of and praying for you. So glad to hear of the negative biopsy and that things are looking up. Hugs

resolute twig said...

So happy you are back and received good news. And so happy that you have such a handsome pup to keep you company and cuddled :)

UmberDove said...

MLJ - I'll keep fresh towels at the ready for your spontaneous teleporting, THAT way you can hug in person.

Joyful - You are no stranger friend!

Twig - hugs back 'atcha lady!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Oh, y'all, her abode is not really humble, umber is ;)

I felt like I was in the womb of art.

And we played cards :)

this post made me smile a ton, and Sancho... Sigh :)


Abigail Jasmine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abigail Jasmine said...

^^ I misspelled like four words..hehe
Anywho! I just wanted to say I am leaping for joy over how God is healing you & blessing you..

You are constantly on my prayer list!!

Lots of love!

Sancho is too cute!!

Taddyporter said...

Welcome back to the Interwebs(which you know, Al Gore invented, remember that? hee hee sillyyy Al). We had a soft caress of Spring(the tease!!)this weekend and let me tell you sweet sister, it was light and lush and filled with all kinds of hope as well as the gorgeous scent of cedar. I love your story today, such a pleasure angelic company is and your men! Loving that velvet nose(Sancho not BC. I cannot attest to the softness of his proboscis, BUT I may bet it is not too shabby as he probably has a little cleanse and moisturize ritual....OKAY enough of that).

Take care girl!

Cat said...

it is so good to have those in your home who appreciate it as much as you do
your invitation is ...well....inviting
you are winning the game!!!

love and light

kerin rose said...

well, you just tell that Getting-big-little-Sancho that I am the Queen of throwing-a-ball-for-a-canine!

I can do it for hours...but must receive slobbery kisses after!...

Like MLJ says, so good to see you here!

Bisquit said...

You are so strong. I am proud of you. I noticed your spiked hair in a picture of Sunny's, <3 it.

The Mister and I may show up one day. The invite is way too inticing.

Happy clean up,

Carrie said...

Sancho and I would get on - book me in for a stay in your house. I'm Northern Irish - therefore I was born with the gift of the gab, I'll talk and talk but I also love to listen, adore it. Be mysterious, tell you story, tell your thoughts no matter how randomly they come. I have ears that hear and a heart that loves.

Lenetté said...

Wonderful news on the negative results!

Kerri said...

I have a skeleton hydrangea petal exactly like that one! Aren't they luminous? I so admire how you talk so calmly about all you are going through and still are able to see beauty in all those small wonderful details of nature. That is a triumph all it's own x