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Saturday, December 31, 2011

And Here's What Came From My Hands

After the nest, the silver flowed and this is what came forth.
Inaudible Dialogue Necklace
Sterling Silver and Turquoise
One hollow-formed pendant plays host to a nest of sticks, leaves, stones and a single turquoise cabochon (one the the very last from the buried treasure stash), swinging freely like a prayer censer on a bar of sterling.
Back.  Forth.  Breathe in.  Breath out.  Release.  Take in.
* * *

Happy last day of 2011!
~ Umber ~


nancycreations said...

Totally love it, it's fantastic love the way you showcase your jewelry in your photos I have so much to learn you are an inspiration thank you

Sierra Keylin Jewelry said...

DAMN,woman you got it goin' on!!!! This piece is so amamzingly beautiful, and not that I know you that well but it seems to be so YOU...I love the work of your hands, here's to many more amazng creations in 2012!

calamityjane(t) said...

wow. wow. wow.
way to wrap up the old year and dance into the new!
this is beyond lovely.

UmberDove said...

Ladies, you always make a gal feel great.

DalaHorse said...

Kelly...your pieces are very soulful...i am hoping to be able to acquire one at some point along the road. Happy New Year to you and yours, filled with peace, love and abundant creativity! Sue❤

slaindragondesigns said...

Here's what came from your hands, your heart and your soul. Beauty indeed.

Rubee said...

You've outdone yourself, my Dove. This is truly beautiful! Wonderful work!

Brit said...

hey there. i found your blog through maddie's link and i love what i see. i feel like i found another kindred soul. :) beautiful necklace!!

UmberDove said...

Hi Brit! It's grand to meet you!