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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good Tuesday to you!
It's been chilly here.
I finally got my wish: the thermometer has dropped steadily into the 20's, my fingers have ached while running the pups, and a hard crystalline layer greets the dawn.  It's one of those things I need to feel, in order to know that time is moving along at it's ever steady clip, the click of seasons and the shifting of wardrobe.
I can't believe it's been a whole week.
I'd love to launch into some sort of fabulous tale of where I've been and the adventures I've had, but truly, TRULY the most action I've seen has been the raising of one tea cup after the other.  That bug laid me out something fierce, I recovered, pushed too hard (hello type A), and found myself quite immediately back on the couch.
Le sigh.
I'm not a good patient.
Never have been.

with that done and past, I'd really love to show you some of the metal work dancing about in my studio! Care to take a peek?
Tidal Earrings 
in two sizes: A Petite Swell and A Rolling Surf
I've thought a lot about the push of pull of the tides of my heart.  Somedays I can walk for miles with a gentle swish of surf cooling my toes, on others the sneaker waves break in a sharp, dark froth.  On those days my skin feels raw in the wind, the waves crest so high and the sand beneath my feet shifts.  But this I know, just as surely as the sun will rise and the moon will shine: The tide will always shift.  The moon will pull back and the shoreline will reveal its treasures.  You will walk steady in the sand, the sea will send its lightest foam dancing in the breeze.  This is life.  This is the good that is so good, and the dark that makes the light ever brighter.
You can count on it.
Flirting With Yourself Earrings
A delightful return!
And just because I love them so,
Ten Thousand Small Histories No. 3
Sterling Silver and two utterly fabulous bits of beach pottery, plucked right here on the high beaches of Northern California.  This particular necklace features a FIND and a HALF of a bit: scrolling blue arcs on weathered porcelain - be still my heart!

(consider the shop updated...)
* * *

So tell me what have you been up too!
I've missed you so!
~ Umber ~


MrsLittleJeans said...

Magnificent photo of the ice bunnies!
I am hoping that you are feeling better and the beauties I see in the store seem to indicate that you are.

I cannot say anything that would make you envious,...busy busy busy...the sort that requires tylenol and so I am so grateful to acetaminophen followed by lovely beings who make beautiful things....


UmberDove said...

Ah, you're back! We can both tip our hats to acetaminophen - lord KNOWS I had my fair share last week!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

So much beauty, Beauty :) I love your work!!


Cat said...

Wonderful icy cold! And such graceful beauty, I can't blame you for making more of your stories- they are stunnerificly awesome.

Cat said...

Those tidal earings made my heart jump!
and now my tummy aches
I must have a pair! without-sounding-like-a-foot-stomping-child-of-course-kind-of-way

wow wow wow
they really spoke to me deeply...but alas there are none left...
any chance you will make more????
me hopes.....

Well lovely dove I have missed your presence here and am so pleased you are back...all is right as rain in blog world again!

Love and Light

slaindragondesigns said...

Oh the disappointment in finding your treasures all snapped up by others! I am grateful you are feeling better though and will enjoy your beautiful work vicariously. XX

Carrie said...

that piece about the beach was written for me. what i have been up to over the past week is fighting, exhaustedly against my desire to kill myself. however i know that these emotions will move on with the waves and tide and calm will appear - revealing a more beautiful sparkling beach that was just meant to be seen my me.

UmberDove said...

Sunny - xox right back at'cha

Cat - I never knew how much I would miss the cold until I moved away from it!

Miss Love and Light - Oh lady. I appreciate you and the way you really truly SEE.

Dragon - well thank you! I'm so glad to be mended back up too!

Carrie - I'm glad you're here girl. I'm glad you're here.

MJ said...

Between you and Allison's work, I can never get here fast enough, and poof! They are all gone! I am happy for you though. Just curious, do you do custom orders?

Lizzy Derksen said...

I love seeing the way painting is coming together with metalsmithing and leather working for you - everything complements everything else, and it is marvelous to see.

(P.S. It won't arrive for Christmas, but a post-Christmas card and tiny present will be in the mail for you shortly!)

UmberDove said...


slaindragondesigns said...

Heard on the radio, "If an egg breaks from the outside, it dies. If it breaks from the inside, life begins."
I'm gonna kick some shell!!