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Sunday, December 18, 2011

In the Evenings

This is where you'll find me.
About a week ago, I carried the watercolor essentials down from the studio and took over the dining room table:
torn cotton paper
water-filled jelly jars
river rocks
enameled trays
a smattering of paint tubes
and of course the usual suspects as well: pencils, brushes, sketchbooks and at least two sets of arm wear.

It's felt cozy, familial, to perch up on this stool with a little black puppy curled around my feet.  To see the tree twinkling out of the corner of my eye.  To have the tea kettle at the ready, or a handful of dried cherries should the mood strike.  To trade carbon-dioxide for oxygen with twenty-one growing, reaching, breathing plants in this tiniest of rooms.  To feel my whole little family close.

And of course, to watch the paint flow.
* * *

Tell me, what have your December evenings held?


dragon said...

Wow. You simply radiate life! I so enjoy your sharing, photographs (super dogs) and especially your watercolors. I expect a little finch to wink at me :) My evenings have been filled with Doctor Who, wonderful teas and a beloved sleeping dog. You inspire me to find a niche for my watercolors so I don't have to take so much time preparing to paint instead of painting.
Paint on little Dove.

lynsey said...

What a lovely way to spend the evenings. sadly laziness has over come me, and my evenings are no where near as beautiful or productive.
They really should be. I will endevour to correct this atrocity immediately, thank you for the inspiration x

prairiegirl said...

your december evening picture describes comfort and contentment. my big wooden table resembles yours. add some lino-blocks and carving tools to the mix and amongst it all, a curious purring cat. for background music, my husband plays acoustic guitar, along with the sound of wood pellets trickling down against iron, fueling the flame for warmth. afterall, it is winter in wyoming.

UmberDove said...

Dragon - What a beautiful thing to say! Thank you so much! Now carve out that niche!

Lynsey - Lazy could also just be code for resting, which is time well spent indeed. ;)

Prariegirl - Now that sounds PERFECT. I need that pellet stove...

Joyful said...

My table looks like your;rs. Correction. My table is full of stuff out of which no creativity is happening, lol. Still busy and need to tidy up before the hols.

You look very serene and there is a warm glow in the picture. Everything looks nice and peaceful and I hope you have that nice and cosy feeling inside too.

By the way, I wanted to thank you for the cards. They look lovely. Too nice to write on but I will share the card love ;-)

Unknown said...

21 plants! I am way behind on my plants. I love how they freshen a room.

Lizzie Derksen said...

December evenings have seen me on the couch or in bed, furiously knitting Hogwarts scarves for my kid siblings.

Your mug is gorgeous.

AppaloosaMoon said...

i love that you are left handed
wear fur slippers.

Unknown said...

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Let's keep in touch, kisses.

Unknown said...

Hi dear, and I was going through your blog, loved it.
Give a pass by the mine, if you like follow me?
We can follow one another.
Let's keep in touch, kisses.

a blog about the little things said...

I love when a Stepanka mug shows itself randomly during my blog travels!
I found your blog via your Etsy shop; ever so glad I did. Such lovely little moments you share!
My current December evening is taken up by a puppydog & a kittycat curled up in bed with me & my laptop... which is a pretty recurrent happening!