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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Daydreaming of Future Mountains

Daydreaming of Future Mountains
Daydreaming of Future Mountains
Watercolor on Arches Cotton Cold Press
10" x 12"

When I began,
a quick sketch, a puddle of color, a loose fingered wash,
I had already seen the image, lightly inscribed behind my eyelids.  By the time the doe opened her eyes, every mark had become so specific, so directly referencing the daydreams of my heart, that I put her aside and didn't touch her for a full week.
Sometimes you have it all figured out, and then your heart goes and says "wait! let me reveal an exact desire through your fingertips and so what if everyone can see it and you feel a little bit naked? it's true!  it's honest!"  And so you pick back up that paintbrush and chew on the wooden end and make another bazillion cups of tea and then you finally show it to a friend who says this within the first few seconds:
"Oh!  It's a self portrait!"

And she's right.
* * *

I'm not quite ready to place this original in the shop - I need to just live with her a bit longer - but I truly wanted to share with you.  But if you are the one this piece speaks to (and I always believe that painting is a bit like speaking in tongues: the image is given to the painter to create, and when it finds its right viewers, they understand that message like plants understand the sun), please do not hesitate to drop me a convo and I'll gladly share with you the details.
* * *

And one more thing!  This delights me, makes me love humanity and more than anything, hope and wish that in my next life I've got the gift of music in my lungs.  Or, at least, could belt it out with the best of the early 90's female hip hop artists.


Cat said...

I love it all all all
She is beautiful
your doe
I love the spring in her step
I love the fairy dust I see dancing around her
I love her joy

and the chick in the as!

Love and Light

Cat said...

ps giveaway at my place...come on by :)

Sunny Rising Leather said...

I love you.


farmgirl said...

Oooh, she is lovely!
The tiny trees in the distance, the trillium... gorgeous!

MJ said...

Truly beautiful, stunning actually. I can't stop staring at all the details in it!!

thewindhover said...

I am completely in love with that sprinting daydreamer... too.

prairiegirl said...

And the tropical flower drenching lovliness on the deer. She's the symbol of silence and stillness. Your fingers are magic. Truly one of your best pieces! Makes me want to pitch a tent and be near a deer. Instead, i'll just stare at this ALL DAY LONG.

she said...

{ insert inarticulate wordless response here }


Mallory said...

This is so beautiful

UmberDove said...

Can I just tell you all that SHARING this piece and hearing how it has been accepted / perceived such a beautiful experience for me?

It makes me love, LOVE all that art can do to move us, to open doors, to heal hearts, and bring people together.

Thank you EACH for being a part of my life!

pencilfox said...

sweet doe.

emmy d said...

That video is amazing! To all artists - I have so much respect for those willing to bare their soul everyday for their art and their work and their joy.

Trista Anodei said...

I love this way too much. Oh my goodness.

And as far as next-life musical talents go, I'll gladly be your dredded, conga-playing stranger on the subway.

Carrie said...

as usual the universe conspires and brings me here when i am most in need. your beautiful soul, your stunning art and that girl on the underground - life is amazing, sweet Dove. Maybe it isn't time to go just yet. Thank you xxx

demie said...

very happy to have met you ( found you through MJ)
your watercolours and you jewellery are enchanting

i`ll be visiting : )