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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Weekend's Account



glorious sun with a bitter chill on the air; a golden dawn, bronze light falling through sheer curtains
persimmons and the "best damn grapefruit you've ever tasted" (as the market vendor told me)
breakfast out, oatmeal with the works, stroll around the plaza
pine siskins.  clearing seed fast, sometimes ten to a feeder sock, a whirling, whistling, chattery group of yellow streaked wings and grippy little toes.
letter writing on graph paper, black ink smeared on a left hand

reading her book of poetry (it's so good I could burst with pride)
plantish retail therapy.  the woman who runs the nursery again commenting on my "massive growing collection" of house plants - "why here you are again!  a new plant every time!"  i refuse to be shamed
too much tea
painting, painting, and painting even more.  pushing water, finding deer, daydreaming, mountain hunting, budding twigs, swirling rainbows
blue apatite genuine paint on a "good" shirt.  blerg

"back-rub in a cup" - scratch brewed vegan chai
rasping sound of files on metal and the hot whirl of a polishing wheel.  prehnite, chrysoprase, larimar, color splashed along the bench
a kitchen well scrubbed down
scent of roasting squash
buckwheat heating pillows in bed, new fiction, mint tea, slumbering cats

my friends,
i hope the weekend was all that you needed with snow flurries on top!


a blog about the little things said...

I want to sit on that cozy furry chaise lounge with a book & a cup of tea - love all the light + the trees right outside! I would never leave ;)
also, that 'T is for time off' cup is so sweet!
Thank you for sharing your weekend's account - so utterly divine.

Cat said...


Love and Light

ps we did indeed get the snow flurries!!! yahooooooo

MrsLittleJeans said...

: )

I got my book too and am delighted

I noticed that you relax on fur as does our MrSweetPants- I had to smile

my weekend did not measure to yours but it had to be what it was--- : )


dragon said...

Your words are magical. After surly tantrums and despair I am making peace with birthing a new art style. My increasing tremor renders my watercolor botanicals formless and frustrating. Something new is on her way . . . hope has broken through.

I am loving my book as well :D

Brooke said...

t is for time off!

i love it

:) marvelous

UmberDove said...

Caren - Let me tell you: that sheepskin is GLORIOUS. It's almost painful to leave it sometimes!

Cat - OUPH! And I'm envious! It was 31 degrees this morning and while they've predicted scattered showers and flurries here, the sun sure seems bright.

MLJ - I have to fight the kitty boys for space on the fur - entitled little punks!

Dragon - Oh miss, I'm so glad to hear that hope is shinning again. Birthing new art is so wonderful, but LORD can it be rough. Keep the faith!

Brooke - *clinksies*

prairiegirl said...

Is there room on that fur lounge for a couple more gatos and a daydreamer who soothes her soul with way too much egyptian licorice yogi tea?

UmberDove said...

Why yes. Yes there is. Plus extra wheatgrass for les gatos and hot chocolate almond milk for any sweet teeth.

MJ said...

So much lovely here!!! Kitty whiskers and an enviable chaise with sheepskin--*sigh*, the tea, your painting....but this sentence just jumped at me..
"rasping sound of files on metal and the hot whirl of a polishing wheel. prehnite, chrysoprase, larimar, color splashed along the bench"--beautiful visuals swimming in my head...
hope your week is just as wonderful!

pencilfox said...

very sweet and lovely rendition of a pine siskin. indeed.


calamityjane(t) said...

your poetry shelf looks like mine, so i am heeding your advice and have just ordered my copy of her book. gotta love cozy poetry corners.