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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On Pigtails and Histories

Ten Thousand Small Histories No. 4
Ten Thousand Small Histories No. 4
(because I can't stop)
The other day I was rooting around in one of my studio drawers, looking for something that still remains forgotten when I came upon these two coloricious bits of beach pottery.  When I took my first smithing class last winter I took along these two.  And I mean really.  Truly.  How could you go wrong with teal the color of Florida's gulf and chartreuse as bright as any budding fern?  They are a dynamic duo I tell you.  I dropped everything and went to work.  A songbird feather pressed into sterling, rusticated bits and rings reminiscent of pocket treasures... le sigh.  It feels lighthearted and ancient all wrapped up in one.

And while we're on the subject of lightheartedness, can I tell you about a physiological marker I reached this weekend?
Pig tails.
Really they're more like two tiny puff balls of curls and a mass of bobby pins BUT for the first time since the hair was lost, I've been able to put it up.  And somehow, with hair piled back on top of my head, I feel more like me.
Grow, grow you silly little proteins!


BC said...

What?! No picture of said pigtails? Blog fail...

Lorelei Eurto said...

lovely necklace Kel! I love the beach stones too, Really looks great with the silver! Love your new jewelry venture!!

kerin rose said...

when we were little ( and did not get to choose the legnth of our hair) my sisters and I used to put ours up that way, and we called that hairdo the 'atom bomb-do'!

yes a milestone indeedy!

ha! muy fabuloso, you!

MrsLittleJeans said...

I like to echo KR, fabuloso, it sounds so fantastic!
I like when common beach pottery receives a delightful promotion from your hands and heart...and I too love those colors..the only thing better would be to be in that water and on that beach xx

UmberDove said...

Ah, exactly!!! And I know the best spot to sup clam chowder afterwards while watching some VERY handsome coast guards preforming their evening dock duties.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

I really hope that you never ever stop :)

Love you,

UmberDove said...

Deal! xoxo

she said...

the description of your pigtails makes me gag and giggle at the same time. but this necklace makes me sigh and i guess we're even :)

Andewyn Designs said...

Hurray for pigtails!

This necklace is sooooo.....well. No words.

Gorgeous colors indeed, and the work as well.



Nancy*McKay said...

next time i break a china teapot i will celebrate rather than cry & put my hair up in pigtails & head out to the beach...

hope they find their way to you.

Sierra Keylin Jewelry said...

Girl, you've got some magic in those hands, keep it comin'!!!!!! I ADORE this piece, it's so perfect, and perfectly YOU!!!

Brit said...

you are too cute. and the necklace is just lovely. i have heaps of river glass and found pottery shards, in little jars and on windowsills. i can't stop collecting. :)

calamityjane(t) said...

already reserved... le WAHHH!!
truly, what's not to love here? silver, feather, colors, pigtails.... oh yeah, i agree with BC on that one.

MrsLittleJeans said... are so naughty you have me laughing...where would that spot be? wink wink

Cat said...

I agree with BC!!!

Love and Light

lynsey said...

Adore this piece, a really lovely combination. I have some sea glass laying around some where, it has been for a while, i must set it in some kind of metal.
I'm happy for your pigtails, may they grow to ample proportions

prairiegirl said...

you are one gifted and delightful pig~tailed Dove

RosyRevolver said...

It's gorgeous and tribal whimsy at its best. God knows, girl, you were born to MAKE.

Love your way,

Carrie said...

First off - I'm with BC - where's the glorious pigtails photo :)
You are so incredibly talented, is there nothing you can't do!! I doubt it xxx