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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Here are a few things about Seattle

- one -
Apparently I engage in two major activities whilst in my favorite city:
Eating out and walking.
And drinking espresso. 
Lots and lots of espresso.
Like ordering two rice milk latt├ęs at once, one for my left hand, one for my right.  And almond croissants, butter be damned (so. totally. worth it).
- two -
Seattle rain is an experience all upon its own.  It is akin to walking through fog; you can see it plainly, but it is intangible, fleeting, like kissing clouds or walking on water.
- three -
Twenty-two hours of driving is a beautiful and terrible amount of time for self-reflection / analysis.  Beautiful as driving solo through the curve of a day offers so much space, so much quiet, room for the mind to tumble and roam.  Terrible only as I spend a large addition chunk of time diving off highways onto questionable turn-outs to madly scribble thoughts into my sketchbook, hoping to find that trail of thought later.
- four -
On that thought, one should always drive cautiously through the bends and wilds of northern California, as one never knows when a herd of elk will be crossing.
All that to say, I'm back!  I hope your week thus far has been filled with rainbows and lollypops, or perhaps licorice tea and roosevelt elk.  Or maybe even kombucha and wet puppy noses!
~ Umber ~


Desiree Fawn said...

This is a place I've been wanting to visit for years. Someday soon! Perhaps a road trip is in order. The dream!

Candace Morris said...

no rainbows, lollipops, licorice tea, Roosevelt elk, but I did experience kombucha and wet puppy noses.

I love the dynamic that changes when we get together. You eat more junk than usual, and I eat better than I have in months.

Amy said...

Wow, this elk picture is amazing.

pencilfox said...

so totally wonderful: photos and words.
i love you more and more. and more.

MrsLittleJeans said...

welcome are the second person describing heavenly things today...I am happy that every one is getting a slice of heaven...xx

Cat said...

love it
nice to have you back

love and light

artist in the arctic said...

ahh, you are so good to us. thank you for sharing your road trip here. your pictures and words transported me. (xo)

UmberDove said...

Desiree - It's gorgeous land and such a vibrant city (which still maintains so much greenery!!) - you wouldn't be sorry!

CRM - Hehe, I'm still laughing over the vegan donuts.

Amy - This part of the country boasts the largest wild herds of Roosevelt Elk in America, but it's those deep, ancient eyes that I think are the best part.

Foxy - See what I mean about elk? Yep. I know you do.

MLJ - Fingers crossed that your slice is delivered today.

Cat - you and your fancy hearts... ;)

Arctic - I'm sorry we missed each other - I would have shared my "orange you bloody glad" cupcake!

Snailentina said...

Talk about a magical post, perhaps some of my most favorite things all in one place: cupcakes, animals crossing, coffee! The only thing missing is a picture of you and Candance + bump.

Johanna said...

would you be able to share a few of your favourite Seattle spots? I'll be visiting there at the end of the month (coming from the Yukon) and would love to know of some hidden gems. I know the usual stuff (Pike Place ect) but maybe you have some great shops or cafes that I wouldn't know of. Thank you! xox

UmberDove said...

Johanna - I'd be happy to!! Send me an email at ok? We'll chat...