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Friday, February 10, 2012

Five Things Friday (Wherein Spring Arrives)
It's been a funny sort of day, neither bad, nor exceptional, just funny.
The type wherein one experiences more emotions in a single afternoon than the day holds hours.

I've taken numerous personality tests (simply because I find them fun and have a friend, ehem, who once put together a whole spreadsheet of our companions and their various traits according to Myers and Briggs) and every time I come up smack in the middle.  I am both strongly introverted and strongly extroverted, 49% to 51% dependent upon the whim of a given day's mood.  I adore the city, the lights, the energy, the people, but I thrive in the solitary wild with the blackest night and the scream of owls.  I can't imagine a world without lonely expanses of forest, but I also bemoan a week without an excuse to wear heels and don vintage rabbit fur.  I want to walk around the house in my lady-wear with only the robins viewing the scandal, but as soon as I pull on boots, walk right up the street to a bustling coffee bar which boasts vegan pastries and chic baristas with full tatted sleeves.

Basically I want the best of both worlds.

This presents a bit of a conundrum.  The problem, or perhaps the blessing, is that I've experienced both and you know what?  I love them both.

A few weeks ago, a very, very wise woman told me "put down your roots in a place that makes your soul sing" and since then, I've repeated those words like a holy mantra.  Like a line of ink in skin.
Soul, I'm listening.  I promise to try and be quiet, to get out of the way of your clear work.

And in the meantime, while you sing and murmur and whisper and hum,
I'm going to polish off this gin and grapefruit.

Here's to our Fridays.
Wherever we may be in heart, in head, in body.
I raise my glass to you, friends!
~ Umber ~


Joyful said...

I hear your girl. I've always been a bit of an extrovert and an introvert. Most people who know me well don't think of me as introverted. That is because when I am out and about I am my extroverted self, lol. I find the older you get, you will "grow into yourself". Just keep doing what you're doing and follow your heart. Hugs. xx

lulu said...

yep yep.

I'll happily drink to that mantra, for I should adopt it as well!

happy friday,

BakedLauraBean said...

First, I think your boots look awesome. Actually, I like the picture overall--love the colors. Second, you're the only other person besides myself I've heard talk about getting the same results as I get on those personality tests. I barely remember my results on the many I've taken, but I always have a hard time answering the questions because I'm so in the middle on things. Sometimes I like things one way, other times another way. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who falls in this category.

Rubee said...

I love you, Lavender Sunshine..

AnDee said...

You are an Ambivert.
Me too...I had to find out what I was long ago, because I too was 50/50 in trait and expression...
I have my house downtown in the city and am always scouting the realty papers for a wee cabin in the wood...I long for a wood stove and the darkest nights as well as the sound of traffic and glowing city lights.

An absolutely beautiful photo Umber...

Cat said...

cheers to you my friend
I hear you
I see you

Love and Light

pencilfox said...

i hear you.
i feel you.
i love you.

MJ said...

I cross my fingers for you as you listen intently for what your soul speaks!!! Is there a perfect in-between? As in-between as we want to feel? If your soul tells you, will you share it? I love what your wise friend shared with you and I am going to memorize it for myself, if you don't mind :).

The Natives...'twas beautiful.

Brit said...

you're perfect. :) exactly as you are!

UmberDove said...

Joyful - yep, I understand completely. Thanks lady, thanks for being here.

Lulu - Clinksies!

Laura - Well then we have mutual boot admiration! ;) Maybe we're the gals who like our cake and plan to eat it too!

Rubee - even more than just a little xox...

AnDee - A term! I think that the best of it is this: we can find the beauty, the inspiration, the delight in BOTH places - so keep an eye in those papers girl!

Cat - Cheers right back!

Pencilfoxy - I know you do. More than the average bear, too.

MJ - It's the thought of those deer in the fog... you know? You make me feel in good company.


calamityjane(t) said...

thanks for putting into words the very struggle that i've been having internally. this often leads to the feeling that i belong nowhere, yet everywhere.

an aside... if you have not yet seen it, RUN to grab a copy of the 1965 film The Sandpiper. I grew up in monterey county, and the footage of the rugged coast, big sur, the waves relentlessly lapping at the shore, of nepenthe-- oh, my heart swelled. and the story line was wonderful. i thought of you.

MrsLittleJeans said...

ha ha...I totally know the feeling...thankfully in my head I can be in many places in many ways...xx

Carrie said...

major overwhelming amounts of feelings intersected with numbness going on in my brain. Taking time off from pretty much everything and trying to listen the Earth and find some peace.

I've never (knowningly) done a personality test though with all the psychologists I've seen in my life I'm bound too. Off to find one, just for laughs xxxxx

Sisterly love for Valentines' Day tomorrow x

christina said...

such wise words you were given.