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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snow Day

"We awoke to snow and instantly I am five"
We awoke to snow and instantly I am five.  Peeking through the blinds, clapping and squealing, shivering in my underwear because I'm too excited to pull on pants.  Bundling up: double cowl, fleece leggings, slouchy green hat, one very wet snowball that finds the center of BC's chest, soaking through.  The pups have never seen snow.  It is a marvel, soft and crunchy all at once, perfect for running tail tucked down, ass on fire, as fast as possible around the trees, up the bank, over the retaining wall, yipping the whole way.
Coffee (creamy).
Eggs (poached).
New sweater, clean leggings.
Speakers turned all the way up.
Candles lighted.
Sage burning sweetly.
Blue lace agate in a pocket (for peace I am told, for inspiration).
Sculpting twigs in sterling, one, two, five, nine, twelve.  Pushing metal, tapping knees, the UPS man laughing at my [perfectly on key] singing through the open windows.  Prehnite, turquoise, lapis, the rain drums along the roofline and my precious snow gives way to puddles, blackened moss and sneaking crows.
Send me your snow friends, mine seems to be melting already and I'm not ready for it to leave.


Allisunny S. said...

So excited that your beloved winter came to you; I will be forever grateful to be away from the snow - I will send you my early morning frosts and a heap of love :) xo

pencilfox said...

sending you some snow.
here it comes........


Valerianna said...

If we ever get any up here in the Northeast, I promise I'l share... but we are snow starved and its rather warm out. I loved this post, fellow snow lover!!

bev said...

I shared your snow joy with you! The closest I can come to it is swimming in a frosty cold salt water pool . . . I save the froggies who keep jumping in.

k said...

wonderful. we got a little snow this week too and i dragged the boy out for a late night walk as it fell down all around us. we PNW-ers have to enjoy our little moments of white when we get it, hey? also, love your boots.

MJ said...

Ready, set go----Sending as much as we can spare!!! We have had one day of snow about every 2 weeks and yesterday was our day :). More please!!! Is there anything we can carry in our pocket to bring more snow? More wishes, more snow dances, maybe more singing (but I can't sing in key).
let it snow let it snow let it snow!!!

prairiegirl said...

I'd give anything to see a five yr old Dove shriek with joy at the window, run around the yard with the pups, snowballs of slush. Can't spare any snow, sister. But, I will trade you ANYTHING for a sterling twig. Ooooooh....I wonder what you're making with those. Don't stop singing!!!