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Friday, December 21, 2012

Solstice Dance

Solstice Dance
I wish you a joyous Solstice!  May the long night wrap you in her gentle arms, may you release one notion that no longer serves you, and may the sun rise tomorrow and welcome you back.


pencilfox said...

bless you, dear friend.
i needed to see this and read this and wrap my heart around it all.
happy solstice to you!

UmberDove said...

And to you Foxy, ten thousand times over my sister!

Brandi said...

A very merry solstice to you as well.
and I'm sad the necklaces are gone. Such AWEsome work.

prairiegirl said...

You are one beautiful bouncy babe in the woods. The jewelry of twigs and leaves and stones are a solstice sensation! I'm sorry I missed out. It would have gone nicely with my migration ring ;)
A long and starry night to you and hugs from afar. XO

MJ said...

Same to you dear lady!!! Have a beautiful weekend!

Brittany said...

right back at ya, sweetpea! i love this photo! :)

bev said...

Jubilant photo . . . difficult to take, I'd imagine. I'd be face down in the meadow:)
Your new stealth works are gorgeous . . . gone before I blink.
Happy Solstice.

Cat said...

ahhh my sister
it did
it so did

love to you and all that is coming!

love and light