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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Somedays I fancy myself a druidess.  Or at least a tree gnome.  But as I don't think they make gnomes in my size, I'll stick with druidess.  Plus, I'm pretty sure they get the better outfits.

I just realized I've been remiss!  The deeply beautiful Vibeke over at A Butterfly in My Hair has been hosting an advent calendar giveaway.  There are some truly amazing women artists who have gifted of themselves to this; I count myself honored to be in their midst.  There is a new giveaway each day; if you're speedy you can catch a chance at the Odonata Necklace I'll be sending to one lucky lady!


Sierra Keylin said...

Moss envy...I want to rub my face against it's cool fluffiness. Is that weird?

UmberDove said...

That's not weird at all - in fact, I'll do ti for you!

nicole said...

You look perfectly at home on your druidess perch.

I'm crossing my fingers that I get a chance to own one of your beautiful pieces.

red raven said...

Ssssshhhh I want to be the one who wins that amazing necklace -I don't want any competition!

v said...

❤!!: )

Mette said...

...and I am the lucky and very happy winner of this beauty. I can't wait to wear it. Thank you! I love your work.

Mel said...

good grief ~ how have I only found your blog now??! I feel robbed, for not knowing you sooner! lol... that beauty V's blog got me over here. I sort of want to gush on every post you've written here. But, to spare you that... I'll just say Methinks we're kindred spirits (or should I say birds of a feather) since all you create/wear/craft resonates with me!
(now to FOLLOW you!)
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