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Thursday, March 14, 2013


(I made you a video!  I could spend hours talking about process, searching, finding, inventing, discarding, but for right now, I'll just let you watch)
(18" x 24" acrylic on canvas)

There is more to fecundity than simply reproduction, the nuclear spark of two cells cosmically colliding.    This is about procreation, the birthing of tender green ideas, the fertility of a mind rich with seeds of imagination, the miracle of thought joining forces with action.  This is the act of making.  This is the divinely orchestrated path of sowing concepts, that they burst into life at the first light of day.  This is the patience of voluntary gestation and the release of the chimera.  This is the art of fecundity.
* * *

I'm off to ready myself for the opening at Ghost Gallery!  I wish you could all be there; I'd raise a glass to each and every one of you, even at the risk of tottering over in my heels, giddy with champagne.
It feels good to know the paintings are hung.  It felt glorious to deliver them yesterday.  And it will fill my heart to bursting to see them tonight.
~ Umber ~


Snailentina said...

Congratulation on the new show ladybird! Wish I was in Seattle so bad. Salud and have a wonderful night.


MJ said...

incredible!!!!! you will be in my thoughts, congrats and enjoy every minute!!!

pencilfox said...
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pencilfox said...

loving this new piece.

i wish i could be in seattle....sigh....

have fun, teeter on those heels, and take lots of photos!


[sorry about the re-post....i'm such a duh....]

Brittany said...

your work is soooo beautiful <3

Allisunny S. said...

loving you, loving this work. You shine this weekend, girl :) xoxoxox

prairiegirl said...

Tonight is the night!!
I can see you right this minute, lighting up the place with your smile and cleverness and your laughter.
I checked out the Ghost Gallery website. Very impressive!
Your art fits beautifully there, I wish I could see them hanging in person. You are an asset to Capital Hill, baby!
I'm so happy for you, truly I am.

Cat said...


love and light

a tear because i am not there
a smile because i see you in you light
a warmth of knowing someone like you
a knowing that we shine because tonight you do

Brandi said...

All love and joy to you! Congratulations!

foxysue said...

I'm so happy I came across you by way of Cat, cheering up a rainy grey UK day! Magic. x

Candace Morris said...

How I loved that video! How it gets from one thing to another is shocking...also, I enjoyed how it was like we watched the greens shoot up from bunny's head. Pure delight. (and nice in person, i might add)

thewindhover said...

Love that film... is magic to behold your creating and growing and fashioning creatures and greenery from the canvas-scape! Sending all our love and blessings for a bloody good show xx