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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wherein the Painting Groove is Found

There is just


Cat said...

wish I could come to your show
but with me leaving on the 18th I just can not swing it : (
I will be there is spirit : )

and hey
you are one talented chickee
love your work

love and light

Mel said...

Oh you're just a vision of eye-candy! It helps that I'm smitten for all things turquoise.. so you, and your creations just pop out at me. Happy creating!!
needle and nest design

emmy d said...

So much turquoise everywhere! I think it might be the color of spring - and I love it.

pencilfox said...

yes. cups full of brushes and pencils and pens. colour everywhere. getting the groove on.

love and light and LOTS OF LOVE.

thewindhover said...

Boy howdy, that behind of yours is something (did I really just post that on the internet), I love the hints of greeny blue around your nest today, happy making xx

Carrie said...

HAPPY blog post - love it. Very Spring-y :)

Dee said...

You do

{I have the same planter...thrifted.}

Brittany said...

you are so cute.
and yes, there is so much. it's ridiculous. i thought about getting a board to put my things-to-do on, but then i started obsessing about the color and design of said board. and on it goes.

Laurie Kearney said...

We're SO excited to have you at Ghost Gallery this month! Have no fear, those that can't make the opening...we will post everything online for all to see as of March 16th:)

Candace Morris said...

May the groove stay with you.