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Friday, March 8, 2013

Know Thyself

Sometimes an idea tumbles around, gaining speed, picking up subtleties, for weeks.  Then one morning I wake and know exactly what it was meant to look like the entire time.

I'm talking about the good like work of mustering courage to look deep inside, and the love to make peace with what you find.  While I've not talked directly about it much in the public forum, this chapter in my life has been much dedicated to healing.  What started with physical healing, and lead into nutritional healing, has now rounded the curve toward emotional and spiritual work.  I'm spending more time (and financial resources) on ME than ever before and I tell you true: it does take an immense amount of courage.  But it also takes peace and gentleness towards self in great doses, and for me, that is the greater challenge.  I've had courage and confidence; they've always been my allies (I chalk it up to the belief that I must have been an Amazon warrioress in a past life), but gentleness and deep self love are learned traits.  And I'm working on it.
Aren't we all though?

Know Thyself Rings
(sterling silver and raw amethyst)

A few months back when I began researching the symbolism of stones, I began collection beautiful bits of amethyst.  Raw points, hunks of rough, polished cabs, they all speak to me of peace.  Of gentleness, of the strength that is born of loving-kindness.  Then, yesterday when I woke, the vision of how I wanted to begin this work in silver appeared so clear in my mind, I could have reach up and plucked it down.  So I warmed up the studio, made a chemex of coffee, shamefully put off all emails and correspondence, and let the metal flow.
(both rings will be in the shop shortly!)
* * *
Have a glorious weekend all! 
~ Umber ~


MrsLittleJeans said...

An amazon warrioress...that you are and may I add a beautiful in and out warrioress....I try to do what you do a few moments each day! xx

Cat said...

I see you

love and light beautiful soul

pencilfox said...

strong in spirit with an amethyst heart: that how i see you.

lynsey said...

These are just so beautiful umber, so beautiful

My Earth Walk Journey said...

Love this, so beautiful. I to am learning self love, and self care very recently. Amethyst is my birthstone, so of course i love it, and your inspiring interpetation.

Brandi said...

These past couple of years I have been on my own journey. It has been hard, rewarding, terrifying, tear-filled, courageous work.(The end of this month I'm enrolled in a Reiki certification class...) A teacher tells me often, "Brandi! Be NICE to you."
I'm glad you are facing yours with courage and heart, and I'm loving how you interpret it through your hands. Beautiful work lady.

Sandra Dunn said...

What a beautiful post! That ring looks like a royal crown on your hand. It's gorgeous!

foxysue said...

I love it when those ideas arrive fully formed, waiting for us to make manifest, it is a gift! As are you! x

layla may said...
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UmberDove said...

MLJ, Cat, Foxy, Lynsey, EarthWalk, Sandra, FoxySue: I love the women of my tribe! Thank you for being here ladies!

Brandi: How exciting!! And intense. And exhausting and utterly filling. And yes, be nice, be gentle with yourself (that's the mantra I hear several times a week). Carry on sister, I believe in your healing!

elly said...

Super pretty lady, love them!

dawn pierro said...

I may be older in years than many who comment, the best I can say is that it is and should be always that you are most important.... Only through total care and love for yourself, can love and care be given in its truest way..... In every aspect. Your art speaks in a wonderful testimony to that. I just so love and connect with all you create. Dawn

Kerry Estey Keith said...

they are very lovely little gems. following those musings pays off. thank you.