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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Joy of Tropism

The Joy of Tropism
The Joy of Tropism
(sterling silver and prehnite)

Arc, twirl, swell, unfurl, curve, burst,
All you green things,
All you growing things,
Spring is coming into her glory,
Raise your heads and stretch toward the light.
* * *
Sometimes I just need to make something for the pure joy of being alive.  For the thrill of waking up, peering out the windows, and saying "it's going to be a gorgeous day."  That's what this little bauble is full of: the joy of just being alive.  Of growing upward and onward in both rain and shine.  Of being that green thing that wriggles and turns its face up.  Of happiness.  Of cherry blossoms.  Of the first wee threads of chartreuse popping up through the garden soil.  Of sunshine of the soul.

(if you need that little punch of delight in your life, she's heading to the shop now)
* * *
April Showers
Have a gorgeous day you chickadees!


Lizzie Derksen said...

At the moment, I think I want to grow towards . . . Seattle.

prairiegirl said...

How'd ya do that, sister??!! A tiny leaved crystal ball ring. It's beautiful and dreamy. Like its creator.
Did you get my letter?
I hope you got my letter.

Cat said...

punch indeed
that gonna leave a mark!!!

love and light

Hollie said...

Gorgeous, so full of Springtime pop!