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Monday, May 20, 2013

Ancestral Mythology, Vol 1.

This is a story of the People.
Long, long ago when the earth was still bright eyed and the People did not yet know Her fullness, the sun shone harsh and baked the soil.  For weeks the People stood with parched tongues at the valley edge, watching the storm clouds high above the mountain range.  High, higher than anyone had dared climb, so high their eyes watered and wept, so high the trees sighed and released their leaves.  In the valley the grasses withered and the children cried out for the hunger in their bellies.  The women huddled and in hushed tones wondered where to lead their tribe. 
The eldest woman cried out "Deer Mother, Deer Mother, how do we save our babies?  Where will we lead our men?"  And so Deer ran down from the trees and walked among the People, noting their empty baskets and innocent hearts.  She looked to the high mountains, flowering and lush.
"You must travel North," Deer said, "You must follow the rain for in its path the land springs green eternal.
"But we can not climb so high" lamented the People.  "Our feet are too broad for the narrow trails, our toes too tender for the shale.  Our legs are not strong enough for those steep sides and we shall surely fall to our death."
Deer looked at the People with their wide open eyes full of hope and fear.
"Climb," she said, dropping to her knees.  "Climb and I will carry you."  And so the People clambered upon her back, the young, the old, the men, the women.  She carried them high, higher than any had ever traveled before, so high that when the People turned they saw the whole of the Earth stretched out before them and their eyes were opened to Her fullness.  Deer carried them until the air was scented with the tang of damp loam and the grasses grew thick and dark.  The People slid off her back, kissed her neck, and ate their fill.
And that child, is how we became a People of the Deer.
Ancestral Mythology: People of the Deer
(sterling silver, prehnite, amazonite, and gaspeite)


Brandi said...


UmberDove said...

Brandi - there could be no beter response. :)

Cat said...

YOU! are a true goddess of word and craft...

warrior maiden of tree and stone
feathered one
weathered tree

what really can one say?

love and light

ps did you get my email? ♥

Alexis Brokaw said...

That was lovely, thank you for sharing, the ring is a stunner.

Mama Earth said...

Gaspeite is right ---utterly gorgeous!! And, the soulful eyes of the deer can bear the weight of the people. Beautiful story as well. xo

prairiegirl said...

The story is one of my favorites,
of all the ones you've told. The colors of the stones
are the prettiest I've ever seen and the deer and you
melt my heart to pieces. That ring is fine, FINE I say!!

k said...

what a stunner! just amazeballs.

pencilfox said...

you make me want to live inside each and every one of your stories. really. truly.


Hollie said...

Holy hell woman, this is gorgeous. Both in work and words.