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Monday, May 6, 2013

Pile it on.
Good God of 85 Degree Temps.
And welcome.

How was your weekend?  I managed to flash my thighs in the sunshine whilst day drinking and veggie planting... oh the holy trifecta of Summer living.  When you hold such a watery heart and a coastal soul, it's easy to forget how utterly delicious this weather can be.  On today's menu?  Lilac plucking and toe painting.  After the work day of course.  Or maybe smack in the middle.  It's a physical hardship for me to stay inside.  I know, I know, this LIFE!  Whee!
I've been thinking much lately on trying to pull all of my body, all of my mind into the physical place I stand on the earth.  Blame it on a wanderer's spirit, a gypsy heritage or past lives, but I find myself all too often residing in one place while my heart wanders the hillsides of another.  I thirst for salt air, for snow caps, for warm oak leaves, for hawk cries, for sisters who laugh, for lonely roads, and for languid meals.  It's something like wanderlust, but deeper, a searching for the fertile soil of roots that run deep, and slivers of earth that cradle my form.  Days like this make it easy to dig fully into the place I stand, so I take them, gulp them down greedily, and fill myself up with their contentment.  I walk barefoot and run my hands along the trees.  On others my feet twitch and I crave the sight of every new thing, the experience of every fresh locale, but deeper still I crave the foundation of home.
As ever, I am a dichotomy.
But I wouldn't trade it for the world.
* * *
The wind whistles too sweetly through this old house, and I need to check in on the cucumbers.  Or something like that.
Here's me, wishing you lollypops and unicorns!
~ U ~


Joyful said...

YOU, you, lol. Your dichotomy is what makes you interesting, and loveable and no doubt, an artist ;-) Glad you are enjoying the warm weather after a long bout of cold. Hugs. xx

Lottie Juliet said...

Ohh the weather is glorious isn't it? I've gotten a tan already just from walking in the sun!
I feel the same about the wanderers spirit, that desire for so many different places, the feel of being pulled in all directions. May we wander and discover our roots xxx

Mama Earth said...

The day drinking cracks me up!! And, yes I know this delight as well. :) Sounds glorious where you are. We've had a deluge of nearly mythical proportions which let up this afternoon and now things are eerily quiet. Not sure all has past. Enjoy that sunshine and your artist dichotomies, dear one!!

prairiegirl said...

Your aliveness is infectious, making me thirsty for more...
I'm feeling the lollipops and your unicorns turned into mustangs. ;)

Hollie said...

You ar such a gorgeous soul. My love and I were just talking about how we love our little homestead and the comfort and peace it brings us, but we also long for a life on the road.

UmberDove said...

Joyful - Lovable and a little crazy no doubt!

Lottie - Yes, yes, really to it all!

Mama Earth - Well I'm open to trading bits and pieces; you can have a few hours of my sunshine and I'll take a bit of your deluge... deal?

Prairie - YES! Let's turn them into a very specific herd of mustangs, shall we?!?!?!?!?!

Hollie - Oh lady. I hear you. xox!