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Friday, August 29, 2008

It's begining...

I love you all. Really. I'm not just saying that.

I've been positively thrilled that so many of you are joining me on the "30 Days of Self" and with so much enthusiasm of your own. You got gumption, kids. I feel so individually excited about each one of you and the glimpses into your lives that I will get to share. If you are a little lost and afraid you may have missed something amazing, don't worry, we haven't even begun yet, just catch up here.

I set up our Flickr group, you can visit it and get to posting (starting Monday if you are the rules following type) right here at 30 Days of Self.

So hop to it, start thinking of ideas, get creative with your camera timer, cropping function, color-boosting, black and whiting (is that a word?), and DON'T BE SHY. I already love you so what is there to fear?



BC said...

Smoochies to you too!

Melissa said...

Look at you and your pouty lips. Great start!

I envy your hair.

I start this weekend. Hold me to it!

thewindhover said...

Oh oh! I am getting excited too! And BC: don't you think you get enough smoochies as it is? I mean, leave some for us...

BC said...

No such thing as too many smoochies! Don't worry though, Umber is a generous smoocher and has plenty of smoochies for even the smoochiest.

Devon said...

Do I really have to have a Yahoo! account to join? Oh, bother.

And why is everyone posting already?! I wasn't ready! I thought we were posting at the end of the WEEK?! I'm so lost.

UmberDove said...

Oh no sweetie! Don't be lost - I'll clear it all up right here.

You DO need a Flickr account (but it's free, super quick to set up, blah blah blah). There are a few people who wanted to commit to posting every day as part of their goal, and I think the rest of us (myself included) just got excited. So don't worry, the official "post up for the week" still doesn't happen until Sunday.

All Better?