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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Some Randoms Thoughts

Have you ever danced so much that when you woke the next morning, the balls of your feet were swollen? We're not talking just a little sore, we're talking "feels like puffy clouds" and I will most definitely NOT be taking a run this afternoon.

Instead I am sitting inside, sipping tea and popping ripe blackberries, being pleased at how much it was worth it.

While I'm at it, I thought I would share a list with you, inspired by my lovely Devon and her crazy list making skills.

The sound of waves
Strawberries with brown sugar and sour cream
Horse riding at dusk
Tasting snow
Solitary hikes
Finding bones
Going out to breakfast
Rain on my nose
Squeezing snapdragons
Laughing until my cheeks ache
Afternoon cappuccinos
Kayaking on the river
Lauryn Hill
Hearing ravens knock
Sipping Bailey's at a campfire
White dresses
Snuggly kitty boys
Pristine kitchens
Finding money in pockets
Buying new brushes
Design magazines
Fresh picked tomatoes

Not so Lovely:
Cleaning the shower
Graffiti on trees
Smell of eggs cooking
Paying for parking
Temperatures in the 100 degrees
Ill-fitting undergarments
Broken nails
Dead houseplants
Buzzer alarms
Sofa art
Fussy sewing machines
Sticky fingers
The stair machine
Dry sharpie pens
Crispy cookies
Hearing the word "hecka"
Corn syrup
Unwashed sheets
Going to the bank
Smokers outside my bedroom window
Dull razors
Running out of water while sitting in traffic
Spotty cell phone service


AvenueFog said...

My feeties are hurty today too! Even better, my sides hurt as much as anything! I had 3 boys escort me to a disco showdown and they were a total riot! (One of them was Jon the Marketing Guy! ;-)

Another time we were on parallel wavelengths, seperated only by distance.

Much love and hugs... Em

UmberDove said...

I love it. When I wrote those words, I though of you Em.

The Noisy Plume: said...

I was just biking to Lauryn Hill this afternoon. She's the ultra fantastic swoonabilly of my life.

I also feel compelled to inform you of the fact that the scent of eggs cooking used to make me entirely nauseous when I was young and I still can't stand the smell of a hard boiled egg (though I find them yummy) OR mayo. Retch. Retch. Wretched.

UmberDove said...

Plume - Seriously? No one ever understands my egg-thing! I can make eggs (and I loooovvvvee scrambled eggs and veggies) now, but it took a great many years to be able to without getting nauseous. Apparently I wreaked havoc on my mum while still in the womb whenever there was an egg cooking anywhere.

AvenueFog said...

Am I a bad person for loving the word "hecka"? :-P

We must dance again. Soon, my darling,

Sean said...

Mushrooms get a free pass to the "Love" list.

Saute'd in garlic butter and spread accross a med-rare ribeye and you have heaven in San Diego.

Plume's a canibal...Cheea, lover of bird eggs.

BC said...

The word 'hecka' or 'hella' should never be used, ever. period. seriously. i'm not kidding.

And she is not kidding about buzzer alarms. You had best duck if it is on your side of the bed.

The Noisy Plume: said...

I'm not a cannibal Sean.
I resent that.
If I were chowing down on baby chicks or fertilized eggs then YES I would be.
Take it back.

Take it back NOW.

mme. bookling said...

i somehow missed this entire post, which is very strange to me...and a delight b/c i was desperately searching for something new to read.

i love how we all have about the same conversations just on random blogs.

smoke outside of bedroom window has been on my top "reasons i want to become an assasin" list.

my sister always hated eggs too - still does. she was on this kick to get people to stop eating them by telling everyone that it was chicken ovulation. it worked for quite a while.

them cooking can make my stomach turn, but at 2am after a long night dancing - its almost the only thing i want.

that and hamburgs.

off i go to meet you for coffee.