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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

30 Days of Self

So I've had a few ideas rolling about and when that happens consistently (as in Mr. BC hears about them more than 5 times in any one given week), I know it's time to do something.

For the last while now, I've been thinking about making a thirty-day commitment to a (undecided as of yet) art form. I've tossed the idea out among a few friends who, while all artists, range greatly in their disciplines. Not a day goes by that I am not creative in some art form (or many of them) but I like the idea of particular goal apart from my daily painting / sewing that would push me to stretch my wings a little wider, test out those feathers I've been preening. What I'm leaning towards is a daily self portrait photograph, which will be know here after as "30 Days of Self."

Now I know this isn't a new idea to the world (in fact some of you - ahem, JSL - are amazing at this), but it is new to me, and that's reason enough to try. So here is where YOU come in: I would love to have any and all who are interested in joining me on this little challenge step up and commit with me. I think the camaraderie, accountability and the closeness in a group sharing a common goal is fantastic and I would love to have you join with me.

Ok now, some guidelines (just in case you're heart is beating a little harder and you're getting sweaty palmed). I think there should be some leeway just to keep this fun and simple so I am suggesting that the 30 Days of Self work this way:

1) We will start Monday, September 1st and end Tuesday September 30th (but who knows, it might be so great that we just keep on forever!).
2) I think we should goal ourselves at capturing 5 self-portraits that we are happy with per week (this can mean ANYTHING you want it to mean, whether you take one picture every day or 50 on Tuesday and 30 on Friday. As long as you feel that you are pushing your-self / striving for consistency, then all's fair).
3) I do not think they all need to be of amazing experiences / places / etc. Personally I am fascinated with daily rituals and mundane chores (but that's another talk for another time), so if half the pictures are of you getting ready for bed, then I still think there will be much that is interesting and provoking about that.
4) I also do not think that the photos have to show your face (but of course they can!). Imagine how amazing a whole month's documentation of what your hands did or where your feet wandered would be.
5) I think the best way to share might be to start up a Flickr group (so let me know your thoughts on that), and upload the previous week's best 5 photos on Sunday / Monday morning.
6) I would love to post a few of the pictures here on my blog each Tuesday, what do you think about that?
7) More than anything, I want to feel good about my own pictures as well as the collection I will have after the month has passed, and would encourage that to be everyone else's goal as well

Ok, so what do you think? In like Flin? I'm really excited
about doing this and seeing a little more
of your lives so let's


BC said...

In. I may even just put them up on my blog (that has yet to be used).

thewindhover said...

What a marvellous idea. I like the idea of a month's life one's feet. Or something similar... I shall certainly be taking part dear Dove!

Devon said...

What a fun idea. I think I could be into that, especially if I can post them on one day a week and not have to be as on-task to do them every day!

John said...

I'm in. Flickr group is a GREAT idea. :)

UmberDove said...

Ok, now I'm really excited, I think this will be fantastic!


mme. bookling said...

so to simplify:
1. we take five pictures per week.
2. anyone can take them of us, yes?
3. share on flickr but also paste on the blog? you will post all five every tuesday?

to share my anxiety:
1. i usually have to take 70 zillion pictures to get one i feel like posting, so i am afraid of the time consumption.

sorry to be the one always needing more detail. well not really sorry. but i realize it can get annoying.

UmberDove said...

No problem, I get kinda wordy so let me lay it out in simpler terms.

1) Yes, five pictures per week.

2) Can be any part of yourself, taken by yourself OR someone else if that is more comfortable.

3) Upload your five favorites of the week on Sunday or Monday mornings (this means the first upload will be September 7th or 8th)

4) I will only choose a couple pictures (no more than 5 or 6 total) from the entire group to post on my blog. You do not have to post the pics on your blog (but of course you can if you want) and I will not be posting every single pic you upload to flicker. It will be more of a "here are some of the photos we took this week."

5) In no way do I want to make this something that will bring anxiety to anyone, so if you need to make up your own rules to make this a positive experience then by all means, go right ahead.

6) You do not have to post pictues from 5 different "sessions." If they are all from the same night, same outfit, same room, that's perfectly all right.

7) They do not have to be masterpieces. This may be the hardest point to accept, but do try!

Ok, hope that helped to clear things up!

mme. bookling said...

yes that did help me, thanks thanks.

sorry to be a nervous nelly, but you know if they dont have to be masterpeices, eek. i am unpossible of a masterpiece (that sounded like charlie!). not. (that sounded like blossom).

i think i've got it now.
and for the record,
its gonna be beautiful

John said...

Bookling, you are just too cute. Alright, so where is the Flickr group, tell me, tell me. I'm ready to get goin.

AvenueFog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AvenueFog said...

I'm all in Flin!

Flickr works for me, but will follow you to the ends of the Interwebs =)

I can see this being therapeutic for a number of my "issues" - creative expression and not being so hypercritical of my flaws.

Mum said...

This sounds like so much fun. But, who can I photograph and pretend it's me? I don't think I've ever taken a decent photograph in my life.
Maybe this would actually be good therapy for me. I'm envisioning starting with a photo of my, say, kneecap and working up to a full portrait.
I'm in, but, I'm going to need support. Leave it to my Lavender to come up with something so fabulous.

Melissa said...

You know I'm in!

Would it be against the rules though if I posted daily? I think this would be part of my commitment (since I know I need to post more!!). Maybe with weekends off kinda thing.

AvenueFog said...

I'm with Melissa on the daily posting of it all.

Discipline: I lack it; I need it.

Melissa said...


You read me sista.

UmberDove said...

Yes my Gutsy, Gusty ladies! Daily posting is fabulous, and I will be checking with "breath that is baited."