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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I have a Dream

And in that dream every item in my house (save the really mundane stuff like T.P.) will have been created, willingly, by human hands. I want to strip away the unnecessary clutter, the pointless accumulation of "stuff" (what is that anyways? It just appears and steals my air) and keep only the objects that are marked with a fingerprint and continually bring me to grinning. While this does make my kitchen a treacherous place for doing the dishes, I find so much magic in using / wearing / holding objects that forever retain a slice of their creator's energy and love. It reminds me to appreciate the creator and not just the object.

Breakfast (after a rather rocky start to my day) was as pleasing as could be, warming me up from toes to heart, because *almost* everything here (save my massive mug from the unmentionable Buck with a Star first) passed through my fingers in it's creation.

From the left:
1) Cotton napkin silk screened with my "new growth" print.
2) Blue and turquoise patchwork coasters, my first foray into free-hand "quilting."
3) Brown bowl, thrown, fired and glazed with the far-away-but-close-hearted Ville-ette.
4) Brown plate and bright yellow bowl, thrown, carved, fired and glazed with my soul-friend Ti.
5) Slice of bread, Honey Whole Wheat baked last night in my typical late-night-baking-frenzy.
6) Jams, Raspberry (my own, from last week's final berry crop) on one half and Concord Grape on the other from the kitchen at Plume Gables.
7) Wearing my olive green Swallow t-shirt from Mister Wizbang.

I tell you this really just to share my little joys and to encourage everyone (well before Consumer Season 2008 hits) to look around your home, find something you love that bears the print of it's maker, and give thanks for that person today.


BC said...

MMmmmm, that bread and jam was tasty this morning!

And yes, it is a magical place: our kitchen, it is quite frightening while doing the dishes. Just yesterday I managed to smash a Pyrex measuring cup (so graceful, I know) and the first thing through my head was, "Phew, I'm glad it wasn't Umber's plate."

I do love all the wonderful little reminders of her and all the other artists around our house. It makes for a happy home.

mme. bookling said...

this is an over-the-top inspiring post. i want to clear everything that doesn't mean anything to me...and rebuild my home with soul.

too bad i don't know how to make shit. oh well, one piece at a time, right?