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Friday, October 24, 2008

In my sudden (and highly typical) gusts of whirling activity I forgot to tell you all that I was leaving town for the bright lights of Lodi, California (in case you don't know Lodi, which you most probably do not, bright lights is a bit of an overstatement. Ok, not even a bit. A huge overstatement. As in NOTHING is open past 7:00pm. Takes some getting used to when you generally hit up late night happy hours after the moon rises). But it is where I did most of my growing up, and the nostalga of flat fields covered in grapevines and the musky scent of live oaks feels as familiar as a well-loved blanket.

I'm sitting here in the cool and quiet of my parents house but wanted to share a few images of what will always be home.

Tangerines, ripening for Christmas.

Yvette, Queen Silky Chicken.

The biggest jumping spider I have ever seen.

Good ol' Saint Frank watching over the animals.

Feral bunnies in the brambles, greeting me on my evening run.

A collection of cans.

I hope you all find a spot of peace this weekend, in the sun, the snow or the sprinkles.
Mine will be here.

- Umber


mme. bookling said...

you KNOW how i love pictures.
combined with pictures into your childhood, it's a recipe for candace love.

it's a cooking and smelling sweet...

AvenueFog said...

I am going to be Bad Emily and plant a little thought in your head... tomorrow night the Lovely & Fabulous Suzanne and I will be rocking the Castro for Drag Saturday (how the real locals celebrate Halloween in the 'Stro). If you want to hotwire a jalopy and blow that popsicle stand, I've got a huge tub of costumes that I'd be honored if you ravaged.


Brian Wigand said...

Ahh, CA. The cats are doing well. In fact, they said you could stay another couple days if you wanted...

jordan said...

looks beautiful. much much different from the great white north, which is more of a dull brown north right now...but still it's been an amazing autumn here in saskatchewan! jumping spiders...huh. not my fave i'd say.

UmberDove said...

Miss Fog - Oh man, Drag Sat in the Castro??? Do you know how much fun that sounds like? Arg, I would love it!

Jordan - I would love to see the Great North right now. As good as it is to be here, there is something just not right with wearing tanktops and flipflops in October. My heart (and my mother too) is drunk on Autumn love and I'm sure it is amazing up there.

Wigand - Those kitty boys are bad news, I'm sure they only want us away for a few more days to milk the free snackies and liberal nip-handouts!

she said...

Yvette, Queen Silky chicken.

that made me giggle :)
hope your time is restful and very non-gusty and/or whirly.

be well (and behave) until next time...or perhaps just the former, and not so much the latter :)