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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lodi Part II

On Sunday we took a little family outing to Apple Hill, home of everything one could possibly create from the humble apple.

Here is a list of my consumption for the day (I kid you not).
1) Apple Donut
2) Apple Fritter (well only like a 1/4 of one but it still counts)
3) Apple Cider
4) Samples of Apple jelly and apple butter
5) Turkey sandwich (ok, but I had to eat something else!)
6) Jack Russel Apple Ale (yeah, beer made from barley AND apple juice)
7) Apple crisp
8) Apple pie
9) Last but not least, a Winesap apple dipped in peanut butter
10) A second apple donut

The caramel apple I saved for later.

And now here I am, back home in Sunny Seattle (it actually is today), sleeping off my self-induced sugar-coma. Happy Fall, Friends!


mme. bookling said...

such pictures, bell!

the orchard is so dreamy, i want to litterally RUN AS FAST as i can through those trees and then sit exhausted in their limbs.

is that a real bird you are kissing?

did you bring MEEE anything apple?

John said...

OMG that apple pie looks incredible! Welcome back.

UmberDove said...

That "bird" was actually a gourd I pulled out of the huge "ornamental gourds for $.50 pile. They all looked like birds to me. Knobby, kissable birdies.

The apple pie = freaking delicious!

Trinh Mai said...

That Jack Russell sounds gooood...It's been so long since I've had a beer witcha. Oh, and of course, I was talking to someone about Apple Hill two nights ago.

thewindhover said...

Oh my OH MY that's a lot of apple! I am now incredibly hungry thanks to you - and am completely partial to a good ale! (and pie for that matter). I am glad you are back too.

thewindhover said...

lucky gourd :p

she said...

this just made me hungry. and even though it doesn't take much to make me hungry, those foods sound delicious. for some reason i'm picturing about 40 apple treats stashed inside the trunk of a redwood tree :)

i love candace's comment. i want to see little whit dash through the orchards someday.

Trinh Mai said...

I want to play with you

Mum said...

Oh, my precious Umber...your visit came and went so fast! Once again, I miss you terribly. Apple Hill was fun and so was the frenetic crafting in the kitchen at midnight. Come back soon. I finished off the last Jack Russell last night.