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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bunny Bunny What?


I honestly cannot believe it's already Thursday!  My weeks have such a strange cadence that I find myself musing over what a long weekend it's been, only to realize the week has steam rolled right on by.  But I'm back, some new *plumbing in my chest, and recovering well from Round 4, a.k.a. the half-way marker.  I've got an exquisite pile of sea stones gathered from the coast last week spread out on the dining room floor and an even larger stack of them on my studio desk.  I've filled pages and pages this week in my sketchbook, pouring out heart-song and heart-tears, making room in the well of me for more creative energy to pour forth.  And it has.


I find it amazing that we, breathing, thinking, creating humans have access to a bottomless well-spring of inspiration.  That when we ask, we really do receive.  That as an artist, images "stick" to me, I mull them over in my mind, commit them to paper or canvas or stone, and then one day the image shifts ever so subtlety.  I look at it from a new angle, through a new refraction, and suddenly new meaning floods the gates and I can not grab for a pencil fast enough.  As if I needed to work with the subject, study it, commit to it, before the deepest concept could be grasped.  Does this make any sense to you?  It's one of those whispery, flutter things that refuses to be pinned down by my words.


I also feel that I should tell you I'm bald as a jay bird these days.  While it's been my reality for going on a month now, I've not had the heart to talk about it publicly (I know you'll forgive me, but it's been one of those things I just couldn't unpry my fingers from).  The mohawk didn't stay around for too long before throwing in the towel, but I gelled that puppy tight to my head just as long as I could.  It's an odd feeling, this whole no-hair-business, and I'd be lying if I didn't say it threw me for more of a loop than I ever anticipated.  I'm coming to terms, new every day, but this stage, it's kinda rough.

However I've got the love of a great man who brings me new bandanas in brilliant shades of green and blue, and the determination to stand up even straighter and walk this line too.  

All of this other fluff almost caused me to forget!  Plan on a DOUBLE shoppito update Monday the 18th, starting sometime around after-breakfast-and-shower-o'clock which probably means noon PST (my mother gave me a mild chiding for not giving her a time frame last round, but MUMS, don't worry!  I've always got special love for you!).

There will be sea stones, adorned in floating feathers and ghostly antlers, quails and rabbits and more OH MY!
There will be new textiles; pillows of linen and love, in imagery that I'm going to make you wait for (heehee)!
I'll be posting a blog preview here before any new creations land light in the shops, so hold fast little chickadees!

With that, I'm off to eat a huge pile of lettuce decorated with carrots, chickpees and avocado.

* I kid you not, the doctor who placed the port gave a little chuckle and called it plumbing as he explained the procedure to me.  PLUMBING! *


Michaela Dawn said...

You do look ravishing enough still, possibly its because you talk so sensually about avocados and lettuce, but I've a mind to think its because your beauty through and through, hair or no hair, your artsy edge always gets to my heart.


I'm anticipating the shop update, my dear!


Sunny Rising Leather said...

Your soul has Rapunzel hair, dearest K.
Your real-life hair will be forthcoming and it will be GLORIOUS.

To me you look utterly beautiful right this very moment.


UmberDove said...

Maybe it's because avocado is one of the few things helping me keep my womanly curves these days! ;)

I'm anticipating legwarmers with patches...

UmberDove said...

Oh Sunny, I adore you so. Also I'm fantasizing (as I just wrote in one of the long sketchbook sessions) about a trip to ol' SJ soon as I can.

kitkat said...

you are So inspiring... the grace and laughter you radiate through all this. I really love the last feather stone. That one speaks to me, but they always are pretty.

Even if you never had grown a single hair... your inner beauty would still make you the most stunning person around! So glad you are half way through your journey.


Snailentina said...

Oof. Umber. Dove. May I just say you always pop around with a new blog when I need to hear some sensible words? And I have to agree, the hair thing is unimaginable even if is just hair as you posted a while back. However, could this be why you were granted other attributes in a bounty? Did the universe know about this little test and it just handed an overfilling cup of inspiration (and something to do with it!) so you never run out of confidence? Mischievous I tell ya.

Now hand 'em stones over, I'm with your mum on that one, a little idea about when others might be trying to snatch those is very welcome, so thanks lady!

UmberDove said...

Kathleen, I think I'd like to have you over for tea and toast.

Snailentina, I could hug you right now. Talk about sensible words, eh? Right back at me...

Trista Anodei said...

We went to a McKinleyville pumpkin patch Sunday and a girl working the register looked so much like you, thick brown hair to her shoulders, that I thought maybe I was seeing your soul on a brief hiatus from your body. Rapunzel hair, indeed.

And, yes, that feather stone is too lovely. Can't wait to see what else you've come up with this time around ;)

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering about that.
Being an artist of hair, I thought to myself..."how long will it last"
another season on the crazy journey we call life
you are so brave
I am thankful for your man
your beauty still shines through
heart hugs to you!

love and light

The Noisy Plume: said...

Hair means nothing when you have so much soul in your sugarbones. Love you woman. Miss you to bits. I wore my wing today too -- xx

The Noisy Plume: said...

PS It's Halloween time and I think you need a sleek pink wig as well as a large black afro.

Anonymous said...

ps nothing to forgive.... : )

UmberDove said...

Trista, yeah! I know just the one you went to! And thanks miss, thank you always.

Cat, yes. that stage has hit. But I'm so eagerly looking forward to all the fun I'll be able to have with varying stages of short hair - and I'll be needing inspiration pics!

Plume - Of course you did my little ventricle! Cosmically connected. And I DO have a huge afro, and you know what? I FEEL DAMN SEXY WHEN I WEAR IT. I so wish I could get my own hair to behave that large.

Mari H. said...

Dr-lurking to say

You look beautiful


I find you incredibly inspiring.

Wishing you the very best of all wellnesses,


Snailentina said...

Anytime little lady!

Joyful said...

You always look beautiful, hair or no hair. I understand how not having any would affect you as it would probably would affect the majority of us, but you have the wonderful support of all your husband and family, real friends, and blogging friends (I think we're real too, he he). We will love you as you are. Big hugs and the best wishes for a wonderful sale experience ;-)

resolute twig said...

you are amazing and absolutley beautiful. :)

And I am so glad you are pouring your heart and soul into your work. cant wait for the shop update!!

Shell (aka Songsmith) said...

I cannot tell you how lovely you are in that first photo... You are a heart song.

Taddyporter said...

Running through the woods today I thought of you, looked up and the most heavenly and pure light was streaming through the tops of my favourite cedar grove. Your soul doth glow sweet friend and even though you have a bit to go, there is a mountain of strength inside of your Grand Cedar Self. Always sending energy and love your direction by way of a fine set of egg carton boobs.......oh that does sound weird but you know the story. perhaps a photo is in order. and you ARE so beautiful with just a simple kerchief or no.....

Camlo said...

You are amazing! And quite the inspiring chica. Your updates always leave me feeling like my glass is half full- thank you for that!

Good thoughts and ripe avocados,

MrsLittleJeans said...

It does make sense.
You do look as beautiful as ever.
And you will return all bushy...just pretend you shaved for the olympics!
I so pray to be able to grab a stone.
Heaps of love to you Umber love...

Andewyn Designs said...

You are lovely... and bandannas in brilliant shades sound like so much fun. How awesome of your husband to get them for you!

I'm looking forward to this shop update. I love those stones!



UmberDove said...

Ladies Fine: If I could bottle up all your and drink it like an elixir, I've no doubt I'd live forever.

I think I might wear the mint bandana today.

mme. bookling said...

This is in no way related to this post, other than it's your space. I chose a vegetarian lunch at my work conference. I knew you would be proud.

Sara said...

Your hands hold road maps to all the beauty you will ever need.
Truly madly I LOVE that quail. We must be tapped into a similar muse conscious because I too recently started thinking of quail and quail feathers after seeing a family train of them this summer. Little bobs and struts they are!

Alice Istanbul said...

Ditto what the others have said. You are just so naturally stunningly beautiful, with hair or without (and I'm not one to just throw compliments around). I mean it.

I've marked your shop update on my calendar.

Sending you love. xoxo :)

cbumpmax said...

I am in such amazement of your strength and grace. Keep your chin up and your BC close. We're thinking of you daily.

Cbump and the boys.

UmberDove said...

Mme - What I've learned from you: Umber = Details Love too.

Sara - That feeling is SO mutual! I think our muses are skipping along though the same fields.

Alice - I could hug you tight right now.

Cbump - After all this is over, another camping trip is in order. We miss your faces.