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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cuter than a Can of Spam

And tastier to boot, is my parent's little Vintage Cardinal trailer on it's maiden voyage through the redwoods of the north.  We called it home base while we traversed forest and fields, chattering and clucking for hours, sitting in quiet contemplation.

blue cup
yellow cup

Mug after mug of piping coffee, steam rising up to greet the dawn song of the birds.  Hands full with crow feathers, jay feathers, and one small pup who could melt the heart of the hardest stone.

fire pit

Raccoons scuttling in as soon as Mars shone bright, leaving prints of ash and mud for us to guess their sizes.  Creatures with a multitude of legs and creatures with none, joining us for first meals of the day.


And the small things, the minuscule, the detritus, the ephemeral bits of moss and the tiny legs of lichen, we took them all in.


And the light, oh that light...

light in the trees
light trees

Woods and water, these things fill my cup to overflowing.  And so I drink deep, ducking my head low to catch the spill and lap up all that goodness.


Desiree Fawn said...

Oh my word -- this is heavenly!!

Carri said...

Beautiful! I told Brad how much I love how you capture the smallest details in nature that SO many people overlook and take for granted. This post magnified so many of those details. Not to mention how relaxed I felt after looking at them! (I need a vacation!)

Snailentina said...

Ugh, you and Pierre are a match made in heaven, I can't say it enough.

Thank you for the beautiful shots, who made all that? The light and the trees are unreal! One time one of my yoga teachers said, let light be the first thing you feed on in the morning. I want a cup of those rays you captured here for breakfast, por favor!

Sunny Rising Leather said...


OOOOHHHHH - wow, that is nutrient rich, that post.


MrsLittleJeans said...

I felt like I was there...I think I once was.

For a second there I thought you dipped the pups paws in paint and painted on the barrel ha would do that, wouldn't you?

I can't get over the lichen!

Glad you were there, what a cute vintage trailer!


Abigail Jasmine said...

Gorgeous photographs! That camper is so dreamy!

UmberDove said...

Desiree - Isn't it!?!?!

Carri - Hello Lovely! And seriously, don't we all?

Snailentina - Come by my breakfast table, I'll pour you a cup of pure light and we'll sip the morning together.

Sunny - Dense. True story sister.

MLJ - HA! And I would, absolutely would.

Abigail - I fell in love with that trailer this last week, wanting to bundle it right up and pop in my own back yard.

Joyful said...

Beautiful images of nature. And that caravan is sooo cute too!

Bisquit said...

Hey girl,
So nice to see you in the woods. I love the pic of the trailer and the tall trees. Do I spy a new piece of ink in the form of a fern on your appendage? Ooooh, I like it......a little curl of sorts?


Sara said...

I wish I could go there, it looks so beautiful and serene! Alone with nature.

I hope that place gave you an energy boost for the time ahead!

Michaela Dawn said...


resolute twig said...

That caravan is pretty much the greatest thing Ive ever seen.

And that light... wow.

Mum said...

Wow. What a wonderful post!

Carri, I agree with everything you said...
The Girl Does Details.

And, I am always ready for a vacation, even though I just got home from a week in those beautiful woods!

Fletchy, just to let you know,

Umber sports some great tats but, the inked appendage in the photo belongs to me. I have always thought I must be part fern, given that I require moist, cool air and deep shade to thrive. That tat is of an unfurling fern; my idea, Umber's artwork, inked by Thomas in Seattle (Umber, nearby, snapping away with Pierre's predecessor).

Oh, and by the way,

If any of you are interested in seeing the inside of our little trailer (which is SO freakin' adorable!!!!!), ask Umber to post a photo shoot of it the next time we visit.

calamityjane(t) said...

oh la la! that is one PRETTY post. seeing lichen so close up makes me want to get out my pencils and draw. you and Pierre make quite zee artistic team.

Anonymous said...

some how missed this post
glad I "found" it
oh the caravan tucked in the tress is so picturesque perfect!
And the light rays...well really, what can be said...

love and light Kelly

Nancy*McKay said...

...HEAVENS...i almost missed these SPECTACULAR images...Oh Pierre, Oh Umber...a perfect match...

yoU are quite the multidimensional ARTIST, indeed...

& i thought a cardinal was just a biiiiiird...whewEEE!