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Thursday, October 28, 2010


I'm hungry for color.

red leaf

I lay awake in bed last night for what felt like hours (it may have been), listening to the melodic song of the wind chimes and the pounding of the rain on the roof.  Every now and then the rhododendron planted right on the other side of the wall from my head would thump loudly and I'd jump, whacking a kitty boy out of his snoring slumber curled up in the crook of my legs (yes. the orange one snores like an old yoda).  I finally gave in, clicked on the bedside lamp and attempted to pour my thoughts down in my sketchbook (I find, without fail, the nights I leave my sketchbook elsewhere in the house are the nights a steady stream of thoughts interrupt my sleep until I am forced to sneak out of bed and retrieve it).  But all I could write about was color.  Sing gave me one disdainful sleepy-glare and crawled under the covers to be spooned (also yes. the kitty boys have learned that under the covers is a magical world of warmth and snuggles, provided they don't suffocate.  we tell them it's the risk they take and that all good things come with a price).


Yesterday, alongside a cornmeal-berry scone I wrote to a friend about the phenomena that is living in a world of evergreens.  Right here on the coast, with the ocean waters lapping no less than one mile from my front door, I'm surrounded by dense verdant, a constant canopy of emerald and a floor of jade.  The rains have marked the turning of the season, as though someone promptly flipped a switch, turned down the thermostat and declared it officially Autumn.  I know my toes are colder, and I've bought three new pairs of tights in the past two weeks (grey cabled sweater, herringbone in cream and black, and a deep berry red), so it must be true.

I suppose what this means is that I must open my eyes a little wider to catch the crimson fluttering down. I must spend a little more time trespassing in neighbors' yards scooping up great handfuls of scarlet to bring home and press in the treasure trove that is the back of my sketchbook (currently pressing a massive quantity of ferns, fallen leaves and crow feathers - it's a dangerous item to carry around, like Gretel I leave a trail of fallen items to find my way home).  I must eat more pomegranates.  But that's the easy part.  


* * * * *
Off to pour a second cup of tea and put up a fresh inspiration wall in the studio.

oh yes!
SPEAKING of color, I'm in the market for some mustard colored tights, not halloween yellow, not pale buttercup, but MUSTARD (my other newest color obsession).  Any leads ladies?


Snailentina said...

Ahhh! I love that red leaf <3 Suddenly, it is really hot here in NYC and I miss the chill to wear tights. By the way, HUE makes a really nice mustard pair but they rip easily so that's something to consider, American Apparel also has a nice pair :) Happy hunting.

The Noisy Plume: said...

Gap had them.
Last year.
As well as mustard yellow corduroy pants. Which I also own and am currently wearing.

mme. bookling said...

This is usually a great website for tights ( The gold looks pretty close.

Pierre is sexy today.
You know, if you have to be so far from me, I am glad it's in a place that feeds you so well. I LOVE that you are so close to the ocean proper and that you wander there wildly. With your (arm) hair whipping in the wind.

(I choked on laughter when you wrote that in my last letter).

You're funny.

HUGS, my lovely color-lusty painter.

MrsLittleJeans said...

First, that noisyplume is on the ball...I had to laugh that she had an answer for you!

Second, did you dye those leaves, they are so red...I love vermilion....I love nearly all color, not all, just nearly all.

Third- you are the second one today writing about your cats sleeping under your covers (the storialist's cats do the same). I have to take this up with my doodles who prefer to do the Russian polka on top of us!!!

Fourth- Mme Dove, I used to have a notepad to write my dreams, I gave it up because I would find strange things in the morning.

Fifth- I really really loved reading your have a knack with words...

Sixth- you hold a very special place in my list of lovely and loved ones

Now I should probably head to work, right?


Michaela Dawn said...

You "red" my mind,
hues do need and ode:)
and sanguine is such a fine color,
vermilion, such a blissful vixen.

Tell your furry four legs that I'm taking lessons from them on trying not to suffocate in my own comfy community commotion... I am trying to find a balance that can only be mastered in calm...

A calm that I see you have here, wrap around yourself like a merino wool scarf, a patchwork quilt...
A beautiful, warm, place:)


Cat said...

I don't know which is better
all these lovely comments
or your gorgeous post!
both fill my heart today
Fall....a wonderful the red it produces...funny how we just miss the mark on copying such great colours....
I have mustard tights...bought them at Joe a while back...$2.95 thank you very much...(bought tow pair the price was so good)....but don't htink you have JOE down there : (

love and light

she said...

also - if you enter WELOVECANDY as a promo code at we love colors, you can get 25% off for a limited time. you have Daily Candy and my email inbox to thank for that little tidbit...

love you.

UmberDove said...

Snailentina - I'll be stalking the Hue website...

Plume - Boo for last year. I'd like to do myself up in all crimson and mustard today. I'd look just like a ball park hot dog and wouldn't care one bit. It'd be my Giant's tribute outfit.

Mme - I forgot how funny I am. HA! Arm hair... yep, still doing it's thang too, thank you very much.

MLJ - Those LEAVES! I know! I stood out in a yard around the corner grabbing as many as I could! I'll finish pressing them and if the color holds, send one down to you. Also, work, bah...

MD - We should make a book of odes, only to the good colors, but making sure to include such beauties as sanguine and cochineal each with their own.

Cat - Joes? No luck... but I'm pouting just a little in my envy.

UmberDove said...

She - what would I do without you and the Mme? I'd be forced to walk these rainy streets bare legged and shivering!

resolute twig said...

One thing I had forgotten when I moved back to portland was how much more vibrant all the colors are against the grey sky. I am a bit in love with this rainy fall at the moment.

I will keep my eyes open for your tights. :)

cbumpmax said...

Three things

1)Love your words

2)Ditto "cat"

3)Can't wait for it to rain here tomorrow.

Connie said...

keep up the trespassing! You have amassed a beautiful collection!