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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Morning Details

Well here it is Wednesday.
The fog has rolled right up the hillside from the ocean, soaking through the field of cypress and juniper across the street, leaving swollen droplets on every surface it touches.  The air feels flat, dense, and when I hold my hand outstretched dew settles on my skin.  Fifty yards out the trees begin to fade away as though my knowledge of them exists only in memory.  The sun, I know, is searching for a crack to begin warming the soil but for now, a damp chill permeates.


I stand outside and shiver slightly.  I'm still in my pjs.  Somewhere inside a mug of earl grey tea with warmed soy milk is cooling.


My toes, wearing worn out slippers send shivers up my spine and I know the first cup of tea has hit.  But the spiders have dressed their webs in the finest lights and I can't bring myself to go back in just yet.


Plus, the boys don't mind the damp.


And to be quite honest, neither do I.

Tell me about your morning birds:
What are you drinking?  What are you wearing?  What fresh bit of light has touched your nose today?  Inquiring minds (a.k.a. ME) want to know!


Anonymous said...

good morning lovely lady
oh how I love the fall mornings...gorgeous!
I just got back in from getting the groceries for my hungry fam. I enjoy doing that for them.
I need to unpack them still, I heard your call and got distracted
the attire today is all about layers..I am still wearing my morning roll out of bed walk/run teh puppy prince gear, with toque, mitts and sipper pulled up tight...quite hot actually, I think that the stock boy was trying to flirt with me in the soft drink isle.
Nice to see you friend, off to put some water on for a hot earl grey myself...i like to add vanilla almond milk to mine...mmmmmm....gotta run, the tea kettle calls...oh and those groceries too.

love and light

MrsLittleJeans said...

You make it all splendid...5:30 a.m when I came tripsing out to go walk in the rain with the dudes I had on leggings and tea + lemon was waiting for me indoors...drip drip drip drip drip drip...I got the boys in at 6:45 and I think it was still dark...all intention was to go back to bed but began and the day took over...xoxoxo

AvenueFog said...

Beautiful, my friend!

San Francisco has grown very gray and cold. I'm staving off that chilled-to-the-bones feeling with killer boots and a cup of piping hot Sumatra.

Unfortunately the only real light I've seen is fluourescent, but I'm very grateful that every day my morning is lit with with love from my little family... man, child, dog, ratties and fishies... they are the best!

kerin rose said...

Black v neck, black bunnyhug, black sweats ( I KNOW you would not approve, but I AM working on my layering technique, so I hope that counts for something?) and a bag of frozen peas on my face ( see, green?!) to keep down the swelling from oral surgery this am....tis lovely and golden outside my window, as I watch the breeze blowing about what is left of our incredible fall foliage..the light has begun to have that lower winter slant for the better part of the afternoon already....

you and Pierre are quite the team!...such lovely photos!

UmberDove said...

Cat - Distractions abound... and no doubt that stock boy was flirting! It IS a toque day - I may need to switch up to my olive green ear flap one.

MSJ - Those boys don't know the half of how lucky they are.

Avenue - Killer boots = pictures? And ooooh Sumatra! I think I may need to pick up a real cuppa as soon as I leave the house.

Kerin - You're forgiven the all black by your use of the word "bunnyhug" and the hint of pea you're sporting.

Snailentina said...

my morning was definitely not as magical with pink flowers, but now my afternoon is :) Thank for those gorgeous photo. I also love your hat!

Melissa said...

I woke up to rain, the first rain in like 6 months. Chose the latest scarf I've acquired in celebration. Moved out from my dark office to the common area so I could be next to the open window. Busy as all get out, but enjoying every minute because I feel like a can finally breath without my lungs being singed by the bloody heat! I have a yummy cup of cowboy coffee at my right hand.

mme. bookling said...

i can see you in your silly slippers scuffling about...but dear, you must go inside for your tea is getting too cool and you hate this.

6am rise.

7am drive across the lake.

Seattle has been sunny for OVER TWO WEEKS and it's been fucking stunning. Esp in the mornings as I see the sun rising behind the cascades. Every time I want to grab a camera and every time I stop myself and say, "You deserve to not share." I'm into not sharing these days. I've overshared, so I'm now being greedy. For instance, I'm reading a non-important book that I don't plan on telling anyone about (except here, duh) or updating my goodreads status about or anything like that! PROGRESS, I say!

8am Arrive.

Head downstairs (cafeteria) for my breakfast, which was a new choice today. Usually I am doing oatmeal, but they had a breakfast sandwich special for $1.00. Greasy delight.

I'm wearing my blue arm-warmers, black boots, black hooded henly, blue citizens of humanity jeans, and camel cordorouy blazer. Sunny's hoop earrings, Plume's leaf necklace, Jessica's gma's ring.

I am one cup of tea into the morning and one cup of coffee into the afternoon.

Feeling lighter than yesterday
and pissy that you can't come over tonight for manifesto.

Love you, saggy pants.

cbumpmax said...

Morning here was gray and beautiful just like yours. M went to day care so it was just me and the baby. We headed out for some retail therapy so now my lips are a deep red shade of Dubonnet and I am looking forward to a shower filled with the scent of Black Raspberry Vanilla.

May head out to the library later or not. Hope your afternoon is as wonderful as your morning.

cbumpmax said...
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cbumpmax said...
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cbumpmax said...
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Abigail Jasmine said...

Mornings are the best, aren't they? So peaceful and lovely. I love rising at sunrise, all sleepy eyed and ready for the beauty to start a new day, the quiet world around me, a cup of hot peppermint tea- i love to do all so on my rooftop..tis glorious!

UmberDove said...

Snailentina - slouchy beanies are the maker of morning magic!

M - Are the first rains of the season not THE best? And all the talk of coffee around here fixed the idea so firmly in my head that I had to grab a tall one on my way to the clinic.

Mme - Something I've learned from you: Umber = Details love too. Tell me your details, the mundane and more. I need them in my life.

Cbump - SASS with your Dubonne! Not shabby whatsoever!

Abigail - What would I give for a rooftop? Oh! I would give so much!