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Monday, October 10, 2011

The GIRLIE has Arrived!

I'd like you to meet our newest pack member:
(it's pronounced fray-YA)
The name comes from an old Norse goddess of life and war, love and beauty - and here's the best part - WHO DRIVES A CHARIOT ACROSS THE LAND PULLED BY TWO CATS!

I think Thai and Sing are unamused by this little fact.  They have both made great show of smacking her on the behind and bopping her on the head.

about Miss Freyja.
When we arrived to pick her out, she surprised us by making it no contest at all.  From the photos, she is girlie number one; BC and I, based on photos alone, were leaning heavily towards either number 2 or 4 (their markings and bright eyes swooned us).  But from the moment we stepped into the puppy-fray, Freyja won our hearts and minds with personality, interaction, and not least of all, GUMPTION.  She is smart as a whip and curious as a cat.  Even in the few mini puppy training sessions we've already begun, she has wowed us in no small way.
All that to say, we have a lot of puppy on our hands!

Sancho thinks he has died and gone to heaven; his very own puppy to nom.  But truly I've fallen even more in love with him these last 48 hours, watching him play so gently with her, luring her to play tug, cleaning her face, checking in on her in her crate, and generally obsessing over his new bestie.
He will always be my Pup.
They will be thick as shoe-thieves, no doubt.

Here's to the thunderdome that now exists in our kitchen!
And here's to getting nothing done other than puppy play!


Snailentina said...

Yessss, I love her name, and the fact that she was my first choice haha :) Sancho and her are going to be melting hearts... and yes probably wrecking your house a bit, but all in good fun. Ok, I need a puppy....

mme. bookling said...

That girl's gonna need GUMPTION to survive that male dominated house. :)
Welcome, pupppppy girl!

MrsLittleJeans said...

O my goodness..she is all YOU, the playful warrior! Welcome puppy into your life! xxoo

Kathleen said...

beautiful eyes and spunky personality! cannot wait to see the trouble they get into!

Carrie said...

oh I love, I need another pup right now!! Maggie (the wonder dog) can't have pups because of a huge nasty accident that must have happened when she was a baby. We adopted her and have wanted to adopt another for ages - eeeeekkkk! Freyja is so tempting :)

Joyful said...

She's a real beauty!

The Sage Leaf said...

Oh babe, she's beauteeeeeeful!!!!

cbumpmax said...

Oh my, too much cuteness for one blog post I am about to short circuit. Congrats to the entire household on your latest addition.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

My heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After our annual I still think I need to come up and meet her before she's massive.

I cannot believe the cuteness, it's a potent potable.


Unknown said...

So CUTE!!!! Here's hoping to many more photos of her, especially playing tug of war with Sancho!

In my former career I worked with animals (humane society) and I miss squeezing the puppies!! Please give her a hug for me!

Unknown said...

I forgot that it says I am unknown. Such a blow to the ego... ha, ha..

The above is from me:

Valerie Brown
Firepan Jewellery Designs

jordan said...

she is ADORABLE. puppy play is the best thing!! please give her lots of ear rubs and nose smooches for me...

pencilfox said...

sweet sweet.
love it that sancho looks out for her....

DalaHorse said...

puppy breath....adorableness squared!

Cat said...

She is GORGEOUS!!!!
oh oh oh
I think I am love...
okay I better stop because next thing you know....well another pup coudl be happening here!!!!!

Congratulations MIss Dove she is perfect!

Pat in east TN said...

She's really a beautiful girl and I love her markings, especially her perfect 'bow tie'. Aaaah, brings back wonderful memories of my past baby Dobes. *sigh* How cool is that that Sancho is such a wonderful, loving brother!

thewindhover said...

hey sweet puppy, you are surely lucky to live the BC/Dove household!

resolute twig said...

She is beautiful!! Cant wait to see and hear more of her :)

Carri said...

Hi puppy! You have no idea how lucky you are!

(and to you and B- congrats on your new addition!)

Sara said...

So boundfully adorable! Gumption indeed!

Nancy*McKay said...


goddess of life&war, love&beauty...who roams across the great divide by a feline drawn chariot...?!?!

OH MY!?!
how powerful, how magnificent, how magical!
oh dovey, i must read more about her...

maybe even change MY name!

your little girlFreya has the most soulful eyes...
she has indeed come home!