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Friday, October 14, 2011

Ten Thousand Small Histories

This is my favorite tea cup.
She's a no name number in periwinkle with a badly glued chip in the lip.
She was fifty cents at my favorite vintage treasures shop, but I have a feeling they would have just given her to me if I'd ask.
I can't quite explain why but sometimes, somethings just fit so perfectly in your hands that you can't help but feel the blessing of their past owners.  Like the long-gone from this world are resting just a little easier knowing that you are there, carrying on in their stead.  That they are not forgotten, that the remains of their days still hold a twinkle of beauty.  
Ten Thousand Small Histories
This little sliver of perfectly turquoise beach pottery hails from a rocky shore here in Northern California.    This beach, years ago, was the official town dump, a place to discard the old on the cliff bluffs, set blaze to the pile, then push it into the sea.  As you walk the ocean's edge, you step not on sand, not on rock, but on millions upon millions of bits of glass and pottery.  
I'd like to imagine this little piece was once from a tea cup as beloved as mine, holding black coffee on fog laden mornings.
Just because it is unknown, does not mean it is forgotten.
Ten Thousand Small Histories Necklace
Sterling Silver, Mendocino Beach Pottery and One Pressed Feather

In other news, THIS is still taking up most of my days.
When she's lovey, all she wants in the world is a warm body to snuggle with.
When she's feisty, you can hear her jaws snapping like a crocodile two rooms away.
Beware your toes!

Happy Friday All!


MrsLittleJeans said...

I'd say from the look of it that your time is being spent well....more than well
happy friday to you too

Kathleen said...

lovely necklace. her face is pure beauty.

cbumpmax said...

I have a cookie sheet and a spatula from someone's past that are battered but loved. I truly smile every time I use them. Your puppy is sooooooo too much! Happy Friday to you.

Sierra Keylin Jewelry said...

That beach sounds dreamy and fantastic, I can see myself stretched out on my stomach sifting for treasures ALL DAY LONG...I can only imagine the hours you must have spent their hunting for bits of the past! I wanna go too!!!

UmberDove said...

MLJ - I agree!

Kathleen - She is already SUCH sweetness, it nearly kills me. And then she leaps for my chin with open jaws and I remember she's ALL puppy.

Cbumpmax - I LOVE that. Really I do. And she is too much. We're in the deepest smit (have you seen the sheer number of videos BC has already posted on Facebook? We're impossible).

Sierra - Oh girl. It's so SO good. I can tell you so many stories of sunburns, raw feet, freezing cold, soaked jeans and every single one of them ends in "it was totally worth it."

Zorah said...

Is that necklace going in the shop? It is gorgeous

jordan said...

IN LOVE with that little doe-eyed dobie...kiss her for me please, and give her puppy butt a pat! and tell Sancho he's a good big brother. he probably needs to be reassured that he's still the bees knees ;)

The Sage Leaf said...

Lovely, I adore your discipline with time... this piece is magnificent... the muse behind it captivating and the painting that accents it dreamy{not to mention the woman modeling it, teheeee} :)

Nancy*McKay said...

i love your peace.
your taste.
your tenderness.
i love your beauty.
i love your talent.

it's obvious that you can do
ten thousand
things with so much heart, spirit
& soul.


UmberDove said...

Zorah - yes my friend, it did and is now on it's flight to a new home!

Jordan - consider her kissed, and the Sancho Pup too. He's so in love with her - I think we've officially become chopped liver!

Nancy - Lady. I adore you.

Rubee said...

I really love this offering. The glass beach thoughts, the blue cup, and the necklace...beautiful. I miss you

she said...

the necklace...ooh. but the PAINTING. OOOOOH. and the puppy? forget about it. i'm a puddle of asian sugar (but mostly spice) over here. darn you.

pencilfox said...

the wee mug in your hands.
freyja's wee mug.
the necklace.

[sorry i'm just joining the adorations. have been absorbed in TOO MUCH work....!]