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Friday, October 7, 2011

Good Morning!

I can't believe it's Friday already.  Moreover, I can't believe it's this Friday, the Friday we're driving south to pick out and pick up our new BEAST.  Our little girl.  THESE are the four not-so-tiny ladies we'll be picking from!  Who do you think?
Picnik collage
That said, BC is loading the car, Sancho is whining at the door (this is only because he does not realize he will spend the next six hours in the back seat of our little civic), the kitty boys are trying to convince us we've not left them with enough food, and no one knows I'm secretly on the computer.  
Time to hit the road, so merry Friday to you all and I promise to take GOBS of photos of the new little girl for you!!!!!

One more sneak peek?


MrsLittleJeans said...

This indeed is a special Friday and those girl puppies, though looking the same at first glance show very different personalities. I am sure one of them will pick you. xxx

Jenna said...

I like the girls' over-the-knee stockings. Hooray for gobs of puppy pictures to come!

And I can't wait to get my hands on that calendar!

Snailentina said...

Ahhh it's time! The top baby girl won me over, but then I looked at the rest and also fell in love. Good luck trying to choose one out of that bunch of sassy dudettes.

Owl! I am way too happy about this calendar.

Have a safe trip!

Cat said...

that owl and I are already friends ; )
can't wait to see you girl!

love and light

Nancy*McKay said...

OH WOW...i'm thrilled to see this & them & "IT"!!!

#1) pick ALL of them
#2) Sancho needs girlfriendSSSSSSS
#3) puppies are like Lays potato know the rest!
#4) pick ALL of them.
#5) save one for me!!!
#6) what a HOOT!

now this is MY kinda Friday!

Caitlin said...

Haha.... I know that feeling of trying to get out the door. The dog always knows something is up and the cats are forever self-preserving: "Who's going to FEED US?!?!?!"

Good luck in making such an impossible decision~ you will want to take them ALL home and be licked into submission:

Pat in east TN said...

Having 'been there/done that' with my past Dobe babies, it's a hard decision to make, but you will know when the time comes. I'm SO jealous of you, LOL, but am anxious to hear/see more about her in the future, and also how her and her brother Sancho enjoy each other.

I now have a Boxer and really would have a hard time saying which breed is the best ... of course the best would be having one of each, like you, but that's not possible for me at this time. :o(

jordan said...

so excited, can't wait to find out who the lucky lady is!!!