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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tres Cosas

~ uno ~
Creatures I Have Know:  THE Calendar is here.
It's so very satisfying what with its substantial cardstock, glossy inks and cheery, cheery colors.  I'm in perma grin over here!

~ dos ~
If you've not entered the 2012 Calendar give-a-way, you have just a few more hours to do so!  Chop chop!  I can't wait to pull those three winning names tomorrow!

~ tres ~
I have so many thoughts tied up in my head, compacted through my spine, plus the residual aches from 23 hours of driving that I am heading in for a massage shortly.  I left a sliver of my heart in Seattle this last weekend, and the empty space in my chest aches.  But it was good.  So good.  I'll tell you about it soon, ok?

Happy Hump Day!
I hope these last golden days of October are treating you well!
~ Umber ~


MrsLittleJeans said...

uno-O so gorgeous these pages are..
dos-please enter me in your calendrier give away
tres- the days of October are so full my head is spinning but I'll take it
quatro- you are a lucky dove to be getting a massage xx

Kathleen said...

so pretty. so glad i was able to snag my favorite as an original too!

such talent!

Cat said...

I wait with great anticipation!!!
enjoy your massage Miss Dove
the calendar......

love and light

Cinder says said...

I hope your massage did the trick.

Your calendar is a thing of beauty. The colors are luscious.

: )

lynsey said...

Oh oh oh these pages are so stunning

UmberDove said...

MLJ - cinco - GRACIAS!

Kathleen - Oh miss, it's SUCH a good one too!!

Cat - I did! So much is better with my back and the world in general today.

Cinder - And you'll see it in the flesh oh so soon!

Lynsey - [perma grin]

Mallory said...

You have got to be so proud of yourself! beautiful!!