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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ever Moving Towards True Center

Lately I've been thinking often about this concept, this amorphous idea, of moving towards one's truest center a little more ever day.
I think anyone who is actively engaged in soul work of any kind knows this concept on some level: That we strive to find the most honest part of our soul, the truest level of our core, the place where all the fluff and grit and busyness of life has been striped away and nothing is left but the shining light of our individuality.  This is neither easy nor quick, but it is a thing like whittling away a bit of the world's idea of who you are and what you are about.  It's like removing just one sliver of that a day so that when you wake in the morning, a little more of your brilliant soul is shinning bright.

I find this to be worthy goal in art making.  To sit down in the studio and say to myself, "what is so important to me that I can not bear to go another day without creating it?"  This does not need to equate to heart-wrenching or gut-spilling (although sometimes it does) - not at all! - in fact it can be "pretty" or "plain" or even "silly," it just needs to feel Important to you in your heart of hearts.  If it does, then it must be explored.  If it ignites a flame of hope or passion or joy, then it deserves your attention.  And if we give it its due investigation, then in that, I believe we honor ourselves and find a deeper honesty than what had existed before.

Of course I never expect to fully arrive at my own True Center.  That would be like saying "I've gained quite enough knowledge for one life" and even typing those words felt ridiculous.

I had a breakthrough this week.  A subtle, quiet breakthrough, the kind where one has to sit very still and turn off all music and wait for the idea to sidle up and nuzzle your ear.  It was really just a whisper, a faint outline, but the flame of my heart burst open none the less.
HERE is where you place your next step on the path.  This idea, this thing is just one inch closer to the truest center of art that resides in you, that gilded glowing flow of inspiration that is yours and yours alone.  It is that thing wherein you can say "yes, yes that is exactly what I want to say."

I'm closer today than I was yesterday.
If I am I very lucky woman, I'll be able to say that every week of my life.

I have so much faith that you understand this.  This remarkable community, my soul sisters, my tribe members WHO NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME, I have no doubt that you have had your own breakthroughs to YOU.  And if you're comfortable, I'd really love to hear about them.
In the meanwhile, I'm off to nom an artichoke and watch some Star Trek.
~ Umber ~


Cat said...

you beautiful soul you!
this definitely calls for some hearts

I have come home with what seems like a suitcase of break throughs and yet I can fit them all in to the palm of my hand....

*my sensitive heart...all sensitive hearts~is what the world needs now...
*love beyond language, culture, social status sustains itself, with out our help.... we just need to step into it
*I don't need to stand with sword and armour....I can stand with Wisdom Staff and Humble Love and be even more effective
*grief is the gift of living a full life......

when I was away this quote came to me:
"Happiness is not dependent on happenings
But on relationships within the happenings"
~Corrie TenBoon

have you heard anything more beautiful?

the pendant is absolute perfection
your are truly an artistic treasure Miss Dove♥

love and light

Cat said...

ps I sent you a little something before I went away
did it find its way to you?

UmberDove said...

Cat! You delightful heart!

"sensitive hearts is what the world needs now" This resonates with me so deeply, that a high calling of love TRULY can effect this world and that kindness spreads like wildfire when given freely.

I'm glad you're home, but even gladder you were gone. ;)

pencilfox said...

nom nom nom.
captain kirk et al.

but: seriously. now.
that *true center* piece calls me.
calls my intuitive soul.

so lovely. truly.

✭DalaHorse✭ said...

He's wonderful...i do get some sadness in this...but it defines the piece. I think it's very special. So you're a Trekkie. I think i've watched all the Shatner ones...never got into the newer ones though.

MrsLittleJeans said...

So true...we are all striving to become our true selves...the one that is hiding deep inside under layers of acquired this and that and the other, all the do we get to that core?...I think you are a shining example for us lovely Dove shining brightly even in difficult times...that is how one gets closer to one's true self...I like the quote Cat shared with to remember easy to say but not to do...I want to sack the bag of weakness and send them out to outer space to land on some alien : )
I wish you a lovely day....

creative quest said...

Oh my goodness. I particularly love this post.
It reminds me that there are all sorts of us all scattered about tending to the gardens of our soul.

And how they grow full of life and wonder and weeds too. Lately i am coming to love those weeds too. embracing my shadow and being kind to her too.

This kind of work and these kind of questions light my little fire.

I am committed to make something beautiful in my studio this week.

Something that sings out into the world the subtle whispers and wild roars of my soul.

Thank you for the inspiration!

UmberDove said...

Foxy - SNORT. And I know sister, we share some serious rabbit in our heart of hearts.

Dala - Honestly I'm encouraged that you see that, feel that, that little fulness of emotion; so thank you! And yes, I'm a total geek-card-carrying member! :)

MLJ - I thought about you while writing this, as someone whom I KNOW understands and is so actively perusing SOUL.

Ms Quest - Ah the shadowy side... I believe this takes such patience and I tell you true, I am not always there. But I want to be. And I think that alone is a step toward embracing. Now GO! GET IN THAT STUDIO! Yee Haw!

jordan said...

What a beautiful bunny...just in time for easter (i've been singing an easter song to Everett for weeks now just because it's one that comes to mind easily...)
A breakthrough that I've had since becoming a mama is that listening to your instincts is an essential art form in so many areas of life, most notably in parenting. We're taught in our society to so effectively ignore our instincts, many of us don't even know they exist. We rely on outside voices to tell us how we should live our lives, birth, parent and feed our children, clothe our bodies, furnish our houses, spend our money, the list goes on. It takes a great deal of strength and belief in oneself to ignore those voices and listen to the only one that truly matters. I would guess that goes for expression of oneself through art as well, though i don't pretend to be an artist in any way. other than through the medium of food...

UmberDove said...

Jordan - oh lady. That is EXACTLY what I'm talking about. And not an artist? I think your food speaks for itself...