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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Of Light and Moths and a Weekend Well Scrubbed

Of light and moths

Last night I was fussing around in the studio and came across this behemoth of a stone; I carried it for miles hiking along the Eel River some months ago.  As I turned it in my hands, the image was nearly staring back at me and I thought "it's truly been too long since I painted a rock."

So I sat myself down and did the good work.

Afterwards the rains lashed the windows and the neighbor dogs howled but I slept warmly.  Now this morning, the whole world feels pinked and fresh.  I'm giving my studio a good cleaning, bringing in that bright clean air, sweeping out the cobwebs.  It's a good metaphor, a day well scrubbed, out with the stagnant, in with the vigor.  Another one I could use neatly tattooed along my wrist.

I'm hoping your weekends have felt like a long soak in clawfoot tub!
~ Umber ~


Cat said...

beautiful friend
simply beautiful

love and light

and a cool!

pencilfox said...

yes: exactly that.

Carrie said...

constantly in awe xx

Jaime said...

Pure and simple, this just rocks my world.
You know I love your talent woman - feeling like there are a few things that need a good scrubbing around here!

Sandra Dunn said...

Your rock is beautiful! Do you use acrylic ink?

UmberDove said...

As ever, thanks for hearing me ladies!

Sandra - I primarily use gouache (Holbein makes a really nice permanent white that has become my favorite) but for colors like the blue I blend gouache with touches of watercolor until I get the tone right.