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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


~ one ~
I salut you with a kefir smoothie!  There is no shortage of beverages in this household (just five minutes ago I heard BC groan "so. much. liquid." from his office).  On an average day there is coffee, almond milk, herbal tea, freshly juiced greens, kefir, wine (or gin) and of course, 10-12 glasses of water.  Ridiculous!

~ two ~
I've become obsessed with moths.  Again.  Furry little lion men, focused on the light, weaving their way through atmospheric scentings in the night.
This one is my new favorite.  But aren't they all?  Isn't that what I say each time?  But something in my heartstrings tugs and gets swept up in the orbit of those tiny dotted halos and I feel my solar plexus sprout wings and flap towards the moon.

Le sigh.

Moth Love
(Sterling silver, turquoise, size US 9.5)
{If she calls your name, she can be reserved by sending me a convo here Reserved!}

~ three ~
We've been staying up too late.  Do you ever get stuck in one of those rotations where work carries into the evening, dinner happens a little later every night, and finally it's after midnight and you're settling in with a book and a cup of tea (see?  I told you: the beverages are out of control).  The thing is, I love to tinker in the dead of night, and at the same time I love to watch the sun rise.  Really there are just too many interesting things to do to lay around in bed!  I've never been good at it.
~ four ~
I'm reading a book about Frida Kahlo and fighting some very strong urges to paint the walls royal blue and all the furniture like fushias and lemondrops.  Maybe I should just pile on even more jewelry and start pinning my curls up into a traditional crown and take a deep breath.  That woman was such a spitfire in ruffles!

~ five ~
I just received a letter from a friend which included a DRAWING.  I love this.  She reminded me of just how much I love it, of the silly self-portraits I've done by the dozens to amuse their intended recipients.  How do we forget about these things?  I intend to bring them back, to sit myself down with a 2H pencil and a sheet of white and document some frivolity.

 Alright all you moths and mothettes!
Signing off and sketching up,
~ Umber ~


Cat said...

oh this made me smile and laugh
the ring is stunning
the work you have be producing has really been resonating with me...keep it up
when the time is right i hope to claim one of them for my own! : )
love how a book can inspire us to change our fun!
and yes sketches
always entertaining for those of us who do not have such talents

back to dinner making
thanks for the loven' about the loven'
truly Love is all its about sister...
love and lots of bevies! ; )

love and light

Jaime said...

Le Sigh indeed. Your smithing skills are off the chart lady - good grief how many other talents are you hiding!?

My routine seems to be much like yourself right now. I too have never been much good at laying around.
Ps - silly self portraits sounds like one of the best way to induce giggles if I've ever heard one. I must try this sometime.

dragon said...

While in the salt water pool the other day I lifted a honey bee out of the water, deposited him on the sunny deck and got an up close view of long tongue carefully drying antenna, eyes, front legs, middle legs and most difficult of all hind legs. The heavy body kept unbalancing him while drying the hind legs. Then there was a blur of wings while drying and testing. My favorite part was the top of his little head . . . red punk hair! Thankfully he flew off :D Keep noticing nature and sharing it with your grateful fans.

Rubee said...

Moths and does and hares, OH MY!
Your work becomes more stunning every time I see something new!
I Love You...Mum