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Saturday, August 25, 2012

And so the transition comes

It's time
It's Time.
To fly the nest.
To stretch new wings.
To step into the unknown with courage.
To trust.

I'm signing off and officially, officially packing up the house.  We've had a wild, nutty, jam-packed week of house guests and friends, cooking and consuming over five dozen homemade falafel (that's the kind of house guests I'm talking about), a week of doctoral appointments and the running of every check-up test I could be squeezed (heehee, pun so intended) in for, and now it's time.  The house is quiet and the skies are grey, and we're noticing all the lasts.
The last time we'll have a leisurely breakfast on this deck overlooking the river.
The last time I'll buy a house plant from the shady corner market (it was an aloe, and yes I bought another plant just this last week).
The last time I'll fire up my torch in this studio, the last painting I'll dance my brushes over here.
The last time I'll take the dogs running on the river trail.
The last time we'll make the 20 minute drive into town for espresso.
The last time we'll live in this house.

Honestly it feels, well, whole.  Bitter-sweet but sweeter with every day.  I feel like I've had more time to say goodbye to this place than perhaps ever before in a move, and thusly I'm more ready than ever to finish those last couple lines, slowly and gratefully, and turn the page to a fresh new chapter.  And this next chapter?  I've got a thousand glittering butterflies beating their wings in my stomach, knowing that what comes next is big, bolder, and exactly where we are suppose to be.

With that,
I'll see you in a couple weeks, once we're settled into our new home, once I've found the mokka espresso pot and the stemless wineglasses, and once the studio is taking new life.
I'll miss you!
But I'll be back!

See you on the north side,
~ Umber ~
* * *

p.s. For those who have written in this past week, know that I'm running dreadfully behind on interwebular correspondance but will do my best to catch up before the move!  If you haven't heard back from me soon, please do resend your note!  It's highly likely I've lost it in the chaos!


creative quest said...

May your wings be wide and land you softly!
I'll miss you this next couple of weeks.
Best of luck, and much fortitude... packing boxing requires it.

And how exiting this time of one again unfurling...

Joyful said...

With very best wishes for a safe flight to your new home. I look forward to your next big, bold adventure. xx

Libellula Jewelry said...

I wish you a safe move and smooth transition into your new house and surroundings!

Brandi said...

Safe and pleasant move to you. I will miss your writing and photos.

Sierra Keylin said...

Sending you all the love and stress free moving adventure time in the world! I got a bit teary reading this, I can only imagine all the excitement of moving "back", and getting to settle in to a place you love so much, while also leaving behind a place that has meant so much to you! I'll be thinking of you, and when you get there, please, please, drink an Americano for me at one of your favorite coffee spots...doesn't matter where, I know it will be good!

cbumpmax said...

Wishing you a safe and low stress transition. Thinking of you four these next few weeks.

Allisunny S. said...

Lump in throat, we wave from San Jose with love.


bev said...

This past couple of months I have had the honor to observe up close and personal, the fledging of redwinged hawks and great blue heron. (Thank God for webcasts) When the birds land they spread wide their tail feathers and s t r e t c h out their wings hovering just over the ground before touching down. I think of you with your stretching and hovering and reaching and now . . . your graceful touchdown. You are in my heart and I am grateful for your presence on this small planet.

Rosemary said...

What a beautiful way you have of appreciating your wonderful home :)

kerin rose said...

safe travels, you!'s to the next chapter!....xxxK

lynsey said...

Wishing you all the best for your move, will wait with anticipation for your return to the blogosphere, Good Luck. x

thewindhover said...

dearest, knowing your body has been well-charged with falafels makes me feel better about this whole uprooting and moving northward adventure! Sending lots of love and packing skills your way... bon courage xx

Cat said...


love and light dear one
see you in the north : )

Caitlin said...

How exciting- a new beginning! Best of luck!

MrsLittleJeans said...

Enjoy the move...I am excited for you xxx

Sandra Dunn said...

Wishing you the very best. Excited to read the new chapter.. ;)