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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Seattlite

Only wear the finest moss for this hand...
This morning I took a turn about the property while the skies still dripped and the squirrels tormented the dogs.  I can not even express my gratitude to the powers that be that this odd patch of city-proper property is large enough to warent a turn!  Truly it feels like a mini forest, green and deep, that just happens to be exactly one block from a sweet little coffee shop and a pretty major grocery.  I had only hoped for a compromise this gentle, for a place to live that would feel easy on this wildish soul.
Durring my turn, I also discovered a rather tragic hole in the side of my boots which resulted in a squishy wet sock, but truly just means I need to go boot shopping pronto (I know, serious first world problems... poor me and my boot collection.  p.s. don't judge me).
At night I lay in bed listening to the pull of wind and the slosh of rain for hours.  We've had the bedroom window open, which means the breeze blows in and travels approximately ten inches to my nose, and smells like Jesus on toast.  I don't even know what that means, but it's spicy and damp and green and crisp and I love it.
Color Study
* * *
Last Saturday when we held a little "come help us unload the moving truck and we'll treat you to lunch and day drinking," a dear friend stood in the center of the living room amid towering piles of boxes, bags, barely enough room to wind a path, and announced that our things already seemed to fit this house.  I have to agree.  It's all coming together surprisingly easily.  A few days ago I repainted the living room from a mustard-ketchup combination (not terrible, but crimson walls just don't feel like me) to a luscious "Retro Avocado" and a color found in the Home Depot "oops" department that looks like the pale greenie-yellow heart center of a white dalhia. 
* * *
I know Seattle has a rap for grey skies and daily drizzles.  I'm here to tell you that while this is true, summers in the Pacific Northwest are a glory to behold.  Right now as I type the sunlight is pouring in the windows, illuminating every nook and cranny.  I don't believe I'll even need to turn on a light when I set to work in the studio today for the first time; have I mentioned that room is more windows than walls?  Big, wide, triple paned original 1920's windows?  It's swoonable.  I think some good work will come out of that space.  
* * *
(from my sketchbook writings, early September 2012)
The light is slanting through the front door windows in a full spectrum on morning chroma.  Dust particles, microscopic detritus, even the inevitable dog hair floating in those beams, they all cause me to stop in my tracks and take in the rising sun.  East.  This is a new beginning, a new turn, a new day, a new chapter and that prismacolored light sums up my feelings about this new house.
Last night in those same beveled panes I studied a magnificent moth illuminated by the porch light.  She caused me to remember BC's words in my moments of angst over the urban life: "It doesn't matter where you are, you'll still find nature, you'll still call it to you."  I can rest easier at night in those words. This plot, this patch of land, a venerable oasis in the city, feels magical.  Like old magic.  The wizened apple tree at the western base of the property, the cedar out front,  the pine to the south; I have no doubt these trees remember when the ridge was a thick expanse of rolling green.  They were young when the foundations of this house were laid, they watched as decades past, homes and families coming and going.  When I put my hands on them, they feel ancient and warm.
I've decided I will love this place.
The Light Seeker and I
* * *
I've missed you my friends.
It feels good to be back.


a blog about the little things said...

I was just thinking of you this morning, wondering if you had settled into your Seattle world - and here you are! Visited by night-lit moths & painting walls in earthy nature washes! You've already found some bliss, it sounds, and that is indeed magic!
I love the idea of calling nature to you, wherever you are. That is everything.
Also, no judging on the boots! A girl can never have too many pairs of boots ... no matter where she may be in this crazy world! ;)

MrsLittleJeans said...

I missed you too...i adore the various shades of green and naturally of course the pouring sun, the pouring happy you are welcomed to your new abode with friends, a coffee shop nearby and the grocery store...Enjoy...xx

Allisunny S. said...

I missed your digital voice, your unique take on this beautiful life.

Love you,

thewindhover said...

I've missed you too... so glad to see you arrived and unpacked, and already soaking in the sights, seasons and greenery of Seattletown xx much love to you

UmberDove said...

C - Boots Sister, AMEN! I know you get the nature call too, it's so evident in your every day.

MLJ - Thanks lady! I promise I will enjoy.

Sunny - Well you won't have to miss me for long, only a couple short weeks!!!!!!!!

Windy - Oh you beautiful soul! CRM and I talked quite a bit about you and yours last week and the hopeful hope that we may finally meet in person!

Hollie said...

I've missed your beautiful blog posts too! Welcome to your new home, and congratulations!

cbumpmax said...

Hugs from the South to the North. So glad to hear you've arrived in your urban paradise but I'm sure you'd be able to find the light and nature in any little crevasse in the world. Enjoy the settling.

Cat said...

welcome home sister!
I get the "boot thang" I am with you there!
right now S says I have to get rid of a pair before I can add....humf ; )
radiant summers indeed!

pssst, byt the way
BC's words brought tears to my eyes....truly
good words to remember ♥

glad to have you back
you were missed

love and light

kathleen van buskirk said...

can wait to see pics of your studio! so glad everything is going so smooth=)

Brandi said...

Good to see you back, I've missed your writing, photos and life perspective. I hope the new space treats you well.

Carrie said...

I have missed you too sweetness. Welcome to your new home, seems that it has captured your soul already and that nature is calling you to commune with her.
Ummmm boot hunting though, sometimes shopping is the best thing ever :)

Sara said...

Num. Welcome back and welcome to your new nest in the trees!

cloudgathererholdmedown said...

'jesus on toast'?!
happy new home

pencilfox said...

of course: you will *always* call nature to you....and bless BC for knowing this about you....

Snailentina said...

That already looks like your house! I'm so happy you are back, and found the perfect spot to claim. As much as your country living made this blog beautiful, I think you will capture Seattle's magic just as well. Your blog made me want to move there!

Sandra Dunn said...

many blessings to you and your husband, and your home. may nature smile on you from every sun~ray and rain~drop and everything in between this beautiful life. (thank you for sharing all those wonderful pics - love that ring! :)

lynsey said...

And we have missed you, how wonderful to see you pop up in my feed again, your new space sounds delightful

Candace Morris said...

Wise words, BC. Wise words.

creative quest said...

Yay, She's back! I proclaim as i sit with my tea doing morning blog browsing.
Welcome home!
I'm inspired that your found a place that seemed impossible - a piece of wildness in the city.
But of course you did. It's just like you - a piece of wildness in the city.
That moth photo is AMAZING!!!
I'm rather obsessed with moths.
A new chapter beginning...

prairiegirl said...

You know how much I missed having you around on my screen. From the looks of things, it's all so perfect and flowing your way! BC sure knows his girl. I like that. And now...I'm going to walk to a coffee house, hopefully find a puddle and discover a hole in my boot.