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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Small but Mighty Forest

A Small but Mighty Forest
ReWild-ing Rings
(sterling silver and - left to right - malachite, Kingman turquoise (reserved), chrysocolla with malachite(reserved), and lastly, more malachite (reserved)!)

Birthed during a beautiful talk with a friend about the need to rewild our hearts and souls, how to share a deep love for the earth and her flora and fauna in a way that feels accesible and freeing.  Afterwards, I couldn't help but bring a whole forest into the studio.

I'll be listing these babies in the shop sometime tomorrow; until then inquiries and reserves are welcome!
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tattooedblogger said...

I sent you a convo via etsy..KIngman crave

prairiegirl said...

You brought the forest into your studio. Did you put the pine cones in a basket? I love a forest. The greens, the bark, the scent and the wild creatures that live among them. Those rings are so unique. Like you.

Libellula Jewelry said...

All four rings are gorgeous but I especially love the larger, turquoise ring because it looks as though the trees are growing from "mother earth".

Cat said...

um hello
how come there is none left??????????

no hearts today.....
no hearts today

ok ok
I ♥ those rings!!!!!

love and light

Joyful said...


UmberDove said...

Tattoos - bam baby!

Prairie - HA! I ALREADY have a whole collection of sticky pinecones on the windowsills of the studio. xox lady!

Libellua - Ah, I LOVE that you see that too; that was so my feeling as well!

Cat - SNORT! You riot you!

Joyful - Hey beautiful yourself!!!!