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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Airport Edition

Flyin' on a Jet Plane

One of these days I'll learn to wear less jewelry when going through security screenings.

That's probably not true.

But what is true is that Seattle knows how to do airports right:
(one) The coffee shops are spaced approximately every 200 feet, offer rice milk, and every single one has a line out the door.
(two) Approximately every 400 feet, there are signs reading "cocktails!" that point to the nearest bar establishment along with the estimated time it will take one to walk there (apparently there are some serious cocktail emergencies here and WHY I ask you does the DMV not follow this model?).

All of this to say I'm heading down to California for a long weekend to meet up with a couple ladies who are just my types.  See you soon birds!
 ~ Umber ~


pencilfox said...

fare thee well, sweet jewel'd dove!

jordan said...

if you're seeing that chubby little Orion fellow, please do squish him for me. and kiss his mama.

prairiegirl said...

Excuuuuuse me miss...will you please deposit all forest, deer track and owl silver jewelry into this square, plastic bucket? We might have to keep it for awhile due to overwhelming ogling and desire on this end. Have a nice flight!!! (and safe return).

Unknown said...

Sounds like I may have to move into the Seattle airport...!!


Appaloosa*Moon said...

LOL! On my last trip, out west, I got the jewelry thing down gooood!
First of all, I wear it! HAVE to!
Then, when I'm at that checkin point, I take most it off & place it in a leather pouch which goes into my purse! Once cleared, I immediately put it all back on and I wait, patiently,
while hubby puts his cap back on his head, grabs his coins, keys & watch from the bin, puts his coins&keys back into his pocket, replaces his watch around his wrist, loops his belt back through his jeans, stashes away his toiletries, then sits to put on his sneakers then lace them up...


Cat said...

hope it was wonderful!

love and light