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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On the subject of Migratory Patterns

Migratory Patterns
On the long, 14 hour drive from the wild Northern California coast to the [glorious but unseasonable] golden warmth of Seattle, I had plenty of time for deep thoughts.  There were also a few rousing and crass rounds of "dead or alive" via walkie talkies with BC, but today I'm here to share the physical fruits of those silent and solo thoughts.

I feel as though I've flow north, both literally and figuratively, for a season of life-summer.  The last few years in California felt like a winter of body and soul, a time to pull back, to heal, to rest in the solitude of my little cave, to gestate on thoughts and goals and divine ideas.  
But now?  It's time to gather, time for action, time to rejoin community, time for growing sleek and examining all those ideas in the light of day.
This brings me to think about soul seasons.  Naturally, we all shift through seasons with the earth, but I think the soul runs on a time all its own.  A winter may last three years, skip spring entirely and dive straight into high summer.  We may harvest every good fruit we've produced only to wake the next morning to find the tree of our heart laden and full for the picking again.  Likewise, times may be lean and it's all we can do to wrap up tighter and just stay warm.  This makes a period of hibernation almost mandatory!  How freeing is that!
As I pierced and hand-sawed every single little hoof print, I felt myself migrating.  With every track, striding a bit farther north, into a depth of sun I just now realize I've been missing, hearing the calls and chatter of my tribe.  Of course summer will not last forever, but for right now, I'm ready to embrace it.
Migratory Patterns
earrings ~ sterling silver and copper
rings ~ 100% sterling silver

(heading to the shop momentarily...)

If you feel so bold, I'd love to hear where you are.  Spring?  Autumn?  In a week that had contained them all?  Wherever you are, know that you are exactly where you need to be at this very moment, not too late, not too long, but exactly right.
It's good to be back with you!  
~ Umber ~


MrsLittleJeans said...

Great to see you Kelly....hmmm? You have me thinking. Frankly I have been incredibly busy in this world but I think my soul is doing its own thing...ploughing through, maybe a bit on the side of feeling true gratitude but not daring to say it because I am afraid to do so?! weird...summer soul...I am in need of oceans...I would have loved to be a migratory creature...sending you love

UmberDove said...

MLJ - The soul is such an un-pinable thing. ;) And gratitude, spoken or not, is still gratitude! LOVE AND WHISKERS RIGHT BACK!

artist in the arctic said...

I'm just so excited we are "neighbors!" I love this post here and totally get soul seasons. Physically it is Autumn...Sept 17th was the tipping point in my world. The yellow leaves have dropped and started to decay, a fire in the wood stove is a nightly ritual and I've already made 2 pots of soup in 3 days...Yes! Autumn is here and about to flee the scene in Alaska. Winter is very close.

Brandi said...

Great to see you back here.
I think I'm heading out of winter; a place of rest, hibernate while infant ideas grow. Into a bright and blossoming spring. I think that's partially why the "unfurling" ring I have from you and the "elevation" ring spoke to me so much. I'm unfurling, growing, rising. And when it scares the crap out of me, or I falter, I look at them and am reminded. Thanks for that. Sending love and gratitude, and support to you for your own journey.

Lizzie Derksen said...

I am retreating from this summer's people. I am seething with scholarly interest and ideas. I am bundling myself tight. I am venturing out. I tend to follow the meteorological seasons, and this feels like fall.

Cat said...

so cool!!!

love and light

pencilfox said...

i waver. wax and wane. quickly winter then summer then autumn.
no matter what, i'm springing from one season to the next. feeling each. letting go. welcoming the next.

loving that you are *just that close*....i can almost reach out and touch you....

prairiegirl said...

Mandatory hibernation?? I'm all over that! Hermitsville, without apology.
I love the animal tracks and the places they have been. Especially white tail deer hooves printed in the snow. Or better yet, little sliver hooves, traveling around my finger.
Finally scored. Thank you!

creative quest said...

I love this post, my soul loves this post, as it just heard the mystery of the metaphor she couldn't quite name all wrapped up in these lovey words.
You see.... I love summer, but this summer i was so drawn into my souls cave that I was winter, winter, wintering all around.... the time for withdrawing inward. This seemed strange to me, as i am a child of summer. In Canada we don't get a long one but i love it deeply and crave it all year long. So it was a little confusing to me why this summer, though beautiful, had the essence of winter threaded all through. Now I know... it was simply the season of my soul.
Thank you wise and lovely one.

UmberDove said...

Creative - I love that you wrote this morning. Thank you my sister-friend.

Nichole said...

currently, i feel in the sunrise. the spring sunrise maybe? or the winter solstice that is welcoming back the light? my winter has lasted a long while.

your pieces are gorgeous. thank you so much for creating.

UmberDove said...

Nichole - Yes, yes I totally get it. And I'm glad you wrote. OH! And I should mention that you are one of the only other "Nichole-with-an-H" that I know (I am a Kelly Nichole!! The victorious warrior woman!).