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Friday, October 12, 2012

Good Morning!
Good Morning!

It's officially fall in Seattle: the streets are thick with golden leaves, I'm in wool sweaters and double cups of coffee, the hawthorn berries are ripe for plucking (hey!  has any one out there ever made a tincture with the berries?  I'm thinking of giving it a whirl this weekend...) and my new non-holy (hehe - so good they're sinful!) boots are a daily staple.

Way back, when we moved to Seattle the first time I had a friend tell me spring here would break open my heart.  It's truly lovely and I swoon like a Victorian lady under the cherry blossoms, but there is something about Autumn here that hold me captive.  It smells like wood smoke and damp moss.  It sounds like raindrops slithering through the olive leaves.  It looks like a sea of mustard and rust and fuzzy grey.  I love it.

Today feels light.

A dearest of dear friends just came to town and I've got a breakfast date in thirty minutes.  I suppose this means I ought to put on socks and pin the flicker feathers in my curls (I've been wearing them all week.  Thank you Flickers!  I appreciate you!) and brush this first round of coffee off my teeth.

I'm sending you my joy today!  Hey!  There it is!
~ Umber ~

p.s.  I couldn't help myself... I needed more Odonatas in my life!  You can find them in the shop now!


veee said...


can we see your new boots?

fall is here, as well, but, drats, the glass on the woodstove just broke this morning! now we'll have to rely on warming foods, more flannel, and snuggling...not so bad

artist in the arctic said...

Love that sweater. I can feel Autumn in your post! Ground is frozen up here, aurora's are out, woodstove cranked and hey! I'm off for a second cup of joe!!
xo's to you Dove.

genie marie said...

I must admit that I am rather sad to be leaving Seattle just as you have arrived. I should have very much liked to meet ya in person!!

cloudgathererholdmedown said...

all of it leaves me swooning.

The Beauty of Things

To feel and speak the astonishing beauty of things—earth, stone and water,
Beast, man and woman, sun, moon and stars—
The blood-shot beauty of human nature, its thoughts, frenzies and passions,
And unhuman nature its towering reality—
For man’s half dream; man, you might say, is nature dreaming, but rock
And water and sky are constant—to feel
Greatly, and understand greatly, and express greatly, the natural
Beauty, is the sole business of poetry.
The rest’s diversion: those holy or noble sentiments, the intricate ideas,
The love, lust, longing: reasons, but not the reason.

~ By Robinson Jeffers

prairiegirl said...

Sending joy back atcha' sister! Pull on them boots, pin the flicker in tight and take all this fallness in! Those rings are distinctive. Just awesome!

UmberDove said...

Vee - DEAL! I'll flaunt them right over for you!

Arctic - Hey lady, send some aurora my way, ok?

Genie - Ah! Well Seattle rarely lets anyone go for long before whispering them back, if only for a visit!

CloudGatherer - Amazing sister. Thank you.

Praire - All heart you!!