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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Some of the very first pieces of silver work I offered up were my Odonata earrings.  Wings, freshly sprouted, ready to embark upon a new adventure, airy, delicate, bright and of course, turquoise.  I kept a pair for myself, a reminder of where I began, of spreading my own wings to take that leap.

Lately the wings have been back.
They spring up from the corners of the sketchbook, they layer subtly in the background of the paintings and now, they have found their way into the silver.

I think this is no random coincidence.  If everything cycles and breathes, in, out, summer, winter, silence and song, then naturally that itch along my spine is a new set of wings.

I made these ones for you, just in case you need a little lift on the wind current when you jump.

(Odonata Rings and Necklace)
(Nevada Variscite, Royston Ribbon Boulder Turquoise, Sterling Silver, Copper and YES, why that IS enamel!)
(heading into the shop shortly...)


bev said...

Ahhhhh. A little lift on the wind current when I jump. When I was a girl in the Mojave desert I would run up the bank of an empty reservoir with a large square of an old sheet and leap into the air hoping the blasting wind would let me get airborne. I did make some spectacular leaps :)

These new pieces of yours are like soothing balm.

prairiegirl said...

Your new Seattle sprouted wings! They're a flappin' and spreading wide! I missed out on commenting on your day. And what a day it was! Holy cow. You did and ate all my favorite things! Can I ask you, what is the name of your fantastic, big white pawed gato again? And my oh my, your cute haircut and bangs! If only I didn't have an Afro! Ha! xxO

Anonymous said...

Beautiful rings but I love that necklace.

UmberDove said...

Bev - Please let me buy you one hundred cups of tea someday, just so I can listen to your full stories. I LOVE hearing even the little snips of your life. I'm so glad you're here.

Prairie - That's Thai, short for Thailand. We're pretty sure all of his kitty internet accounts go by the name of "Fuzzy Love For You" though - he's kinda randy like that.

Sandi - Thank YOU miss!