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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year Story

The dawn of the new year found us sipping cheap black coffee in a greasy spoon diner just south of the Canadian border.  My seat cushion may have had a broken spring but the eggs were hot and the muffins sweet.  With a poorly hidden grin I watched the elderly couple next to us gently bicker about bringing home the lingonberry butter (she won, it went) and then tenderly cheers each other a Happy New Year.
I turned to BC.  "I think we need a word of the year, just one concise word to hold as our mantra."  We sat in silence, mulling over this.  I stared out the windows at the cover-cropped fields, flipping rapidly though words: hope, joy, intention, inspiration, gratitude, gumption, generosity.  Hhmph.  Generosity.  A flock of tiny songbirds wheeled tightly over the parking lot.  If you wish to receive you must give, give freely and with an open heart.  You must give not with the intent to get, but with the intent to elevate the love in this world.  Generosity.  To act out of generosity as the polar opposite of acting out of scarcity.  I warmed my hands on my mug.
BC sipped his coffee and broke the silence.
"What about generosity?"

And so the word of 2013 was born.
* * *

I hope all your Holidays, Christmas, and New Years have been bright!  I'm taking just a few more days of vacation before returning full time to the studio.  BE WELL my friends, I've thought so much about you over this holiday!  I'll see you soon!
 ~ Umber ~


MrsLittleJeans said...

Happy New year dear K...I would have chosen exactlly the same word, in fact I have been thinking that word since before christmas ...sending you love ... : )

UmberDove said...

And a happy new year right back at you MLJ!!! Take the word on - you really can't go wrong with it!

Mel said...

this is so lovely.. as I'm quickly learning.. YOU are. Love it when me and the hubs show we're thinking alike too, that's beautiful!
Happy New Year!
needle and nest design

Brandi said...

Here's hoping the new year mirrors the generosity back to you.
Missed you here.

tea troll said...

You radiate generosity!

It looks like you visited Larrabee state park. That was my playing ground during university! And if that wasn't Larrabee, I heartily recommend it. :)

Cinder said...

Imagine if everyone chose generosity...unconditional generosity.

Happy New Year!


k said...

a good word, a good sentiment, a good feeling, indeed. happy new year to you.

kerin rose said...

I think generosity is one of those things that heals most anything...when you are in need, find something to give...its like a karmic ping pong ball! and beauty to you and yours, Umber!

MJ said...

Generosity is a wonderful word for the year. There is a little sign on the side of my desk (not too far below your painting :), that writes: "Think deeply, speak gently, love much, laugh a lot, work hard, give freely, and be kind". What a world we could have if we all could take on this mantra every day. Though I think "generosity" would be enough...
Wishing you and your loves a wonderful new year!!

Cat said...

oh my
that story brought tears to my eyes

thank you for generously sharing it

love and light

ps next time you are close to my boarder call me and I will meet you for a cheep cup of joe and a chin wag!♥

Cat said...

beautiful word btw
I can dig it!

creative quest said...

Can i get a hallelujah?!

only daydreaming said...

so good.

bon*bon said...

Happy New Year Umbie Girl!!!
Hope your year is filled with cherry blossoms. xo