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Friday, January 11, 2013


Five Things Friday (Gift)
I've become extra picky and discerning regarding the nests I bring home this winter - a far cry from the enthusiastic collecting frenzy I embarked upon last year. But this one... she's a beaut.  I may need to do up a quick watercolor.  Or a series.  Watercolor nests?  Sounds good.
* * *
I'm listening hard to my own truths, those tracks that lead you ever farther off the broad path and into the deepest woods with the richest loam and most fertile detritus.  On that and other virtues of introversion, this TED speech by Susan Cain was one of the most inspired things I've heard all week.  I love TED speeches.  It's been around for a while, but one of my very favorite ones is Elizabeth Gilbert speaking on the muse.  If you've not heard either, well, load them up stat.
* * *
It was cold, so cold in the shadow of the Ridge that my lips were too numb to whistle at the pups. I should have worn mittens.  I really need a manicure.  Luckily for me, as I crunched through frozen mud and hardened grasslands, I bought these for my feet a few weeks back and have hardly worn anything else since.  Thank the boot gods!
* * *
I keep trying to deep clean the studio, really shake out the dust and wax on a fine polish, but there are just too many ideas.  I clear off the desk and feel immediately called to roll out fresh paper, spread out the paints.  I categorize the cabochons and chains and then immediately realize I need them all back out again.  In the meantime, I'm collecting my lusty dream studio spaces right here.

* * *

This week, like so many others, has held the full tide of creative highs and lows: I burned the holy shit out of a gorgeous ring (a large, large, multi layered thing) and then created one of the most sacred tribute pieces that has ever passed through my hands.  There is so much capacity for fullness in any given day, week, year.  So much capacity for listening, for seeing, for seeking.  I'm just learning so much these days.
* * *
I'd love to hear one bit from your week, just a little something, if you feel compeled to share!  Either way, I wish you a weekend full of woolen mittens and robins gifts!


Brittany said...

a series of nests sounds like something i'd be sitting on the edge of my chair, waiting for. :)

i am re-teaching myself to knit. what a pain in the ass. but i will not quit. i might kill, but i won't quit.

UmberDove said...

Brittany - Hey! Me too! I've spent the last month determined to knit a massive double wrapped, multi colored cowl (because hey, why not make your first project an undertaking!). I'll keep you posted, but you're more likely to see the nests looooooooong before the cowl. ;)

suzie said...

It's good to just take a step back from endless collecting and be a little more…hmm, thoughtful? It makes me honour my treasures perhaps a little more when I am more selective.

I completely relate to the battle to keep a tidy studio. A clear table top just invites you in!! I've been tackling mine with a view to a fresh start, new work, new methods, new materials but sometimes the mess overwhelms me.

MJ said...

Love Ted talks too!! I've seen both the ones you listed, though my favorite is Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of insight, I cry every time. Those boots, dying for here...A bit from my week? Started in a weekly women's snowboarding group this week, and I love it...It's been a while since this Fl. girl snowboarded, but moving to CO has changed many things :). Another little tidbit, my daughter asked me to teach her to sew. I can't tell you how excited I am about this! Where to start where to start? embroidery? the machine? or just simply with needle and fabric? Wishing you happy knitting and can't wait to see the nests!!

prairiegirl said...

A bit? Something from my week? A letter is on its way. xx

Brandi said...

~I've had a crippled pigeon show up in my barn; I've determined to let him stay.
~A beautiful and tragic pair of mourning dove wings.
Hope you are well.

UmberDove said...

Suzie - Isn't that the truth?!? There is something extra beautiful when you debate a found treasure and then decided to bring it home. Lovely.

MJ - I would come snowboard with you any time woman! And I love that you're teaching your daughter to sew. One of my most beloved early childhood memories was the Christmas I received a sewing basket and my dad patiently taught me to make wee blankets for my model horses.

Prairie - Wheeeeeee!

Brandi - I'll be checking Flickr for updates on them ALL!