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Saturday, January 5, 2013


Talisman Necklaces
Talisman Necklace
Nature has been generous with me this week. 
On Tuesday there was the beach agate, 
Wednesday the oyster, 
Thursday the elk antler, 
Friday the feathers. 

I've collected these gifts, given my thanks, and carried them close, in pockets and palms. I like to think that these gifts are not random findings, but small offerings of great love and beautiful opportunities to connect with all that moves us. Those feathers from Friday? I knew they were not just meant for me. They were meant for you, and so I made a pot of tea, turned the stereo up, and wove some magic for the wearing.

That said, I've been feeling a bit wild and gypsyish lately.  These two are a little bit bohemian, a lotta bit earthy, and with just the right bit of sparkle.  I've given them super duper long chains for swinging low or double wrapped against the heart.  Here Here to the first fruits of the New Year!

(you can find both beauties in the shop!)


Cat said...

what can one say???
these pieces speak to me
take my breathe away
I know them
I feel them
I love them

thank you Miss Umber for following your heart and creating with that which is gifted to you
truly it makes the art just that much....more
the life that is with in it vibrates
even through this cyber space we call blog
you my friend are truly, such a treasure

love and light

UmberDove said...

Cat Cat my Cat! Guess what found it's way into my mailbox and subsequently into my studio? xox!

MJ said...

I think Cat pretty much summed it up for me. Sad to see they have flown the coop already...
Just absolutely beautiful...

The Noisy Plume said...

LOOK AT HOW MOSSY THAT SILLY ANTLER IS!!! Love these. How could I not?

Brandi said...

Obviously, I love these.
Well done!

Brittany said...

everything you make resonates within me. i'm just po'. but your creations are on my wish list. :)

pencilfox said...

love that green antler AND your talisman necklaces.


cloudgathererholdmedown said...

positively shamanistic

Snailentina said...

Happy new year lovely, these are splendid, I hope you are feeling gypsy-ish again soon for all of us who stroke out :) xx

Anonymous said...

yes, beautiful...

Appaloosa*Moon said...

You are made of magic
brighter than a moonbeam.