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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

All the Way from Australia!

My mail swap package just arrived in the post! Well, technically my dear mailman gave his typical resounding door knock (I know his knock, and always come running to greedily snap up any packages he brings) and left me this colorful little box.  Just to catch you up, a little while back The Wind Hover proposed an alphabet themed mail swap which I jumped on (due to my previously mentioned ravenous love of mail).  The packages were mailed out last week, and lickity split, mine just arrived all the way from The Wind Hover herself full of the letter B."

It was a very blue package, full of bookmarks and butterflies, blue pens and buttons (oh the hedgehog one is my very favorite!), bookplates and birthday books.  But I think my favorite of all, and the one I will be using ALL the time is my new yoga bag with printed bicycles.

Thank you so much my dear Windy Hoverings!  I love the work of your hands and this gift has absolutely made my day.  Now on to Sun Salutations and Warrior Poses!


mme. bookling said...

well that is just too beautiful. congrats on the new arrival! i saw some other people talk about theirs and i wondered when yours would come!

BC said...

She did just about knock me over going for the package. But I was quite impressed with her restraint to just rip into it. Five minutes later when she hadn't opened it I asked. Her response, "I'm being good and going to take lots of pictures."

Let me tell you, I have never seen Umber so patient with a package. I was quite impressed.

she said...

lovely lovely fun! a few nights ago i came home to NO BILLS in my mailbox, ONLY good things: a letter from a friend, a package from plume, and the new wintry anthropologie catalogue. i love a good mail high.

thewindhover said...

*giant beam*