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Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Booty Gal and Lots of Small Talk

Well, I am feeling much better, thank you!  I have officially started off my new year by sleeping more than I did the entire month of December, but I think that's a good move.  

So, since I know you're just terribly curious (or just glad for a new blog to read while you sit under the florescents - you know who you are!), here are some shorts on what my life has looked like the past two weeks.

I've been stomping all over town in new boots these days, cruising the sidewalks in my flirty Fryes and galoshing through puddles in my big, black Wellingtons.  But my favorite has been trekking up to VivacĂ© through the weather to sip ginger-infused-spiced-cider-with-black-tea-oh-sweet-jesus-it's-good while absolutely DEVOURING...

... Annie Dillard's "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek."  I'm trying to take it slow, I promise, but it's just so amazing that I end up nodding my head and making little noises and reading so fast that my fingers start twitching just to flip the page.  I know there is a lot of talk out there about this book, and a lot of fans, and let me tell you, it's for good reason.  If you believe in the validity, the beauty, the grit and the power of the natural world outside your home, then you seriously need to pick this up!

In other domestic news, I managed to not do a stitch of laundry for roughly three weeks and still survived.  I think this means I have too many undies.  No one should be able to go that long and still put on a clean pair every day.  I think somewhere in there is a New Year's Resolution, but in typical procrastinator fashion, I'm planning on ignoring it.  Kind of like how Thai ignored BC and I, and instead burrowed deep into 5 loads of fresh 'n hot laundry for a quick kitty snooze.

I've really been working up a storm in the studio, with new pillows fluttering into ye 'ol shop and new tiny paintings (only. 8. inches. square. Eek!) that I just adore.  BUT, more on that laters as there are some little details involved that are too top secret to show just yet.  OH I love secrets and I'm sooooooo bad about not telling...

Ok my friendlies, more substance will be coming soon but for right now I feel as flippy and light as the little chunk of my hair that always plays Farrah Fawcett.  Sit up tall, deep breaths, a smile on your lips and embrace the day!

- Umber


mme. bookling said...

new boots are the best christmas ever. happy feet and happy outfits.

i adore that second picture for three, no four reasons.
1. you.
2. your sweet smile.
3. that scarf tee hee.

i know. i know. i know. i could weep for my affection for her writing. eat it up, don't go slow - you own it! :)

secret things in the studio eh?

i look forward to gabbing soon.

Melissa said...

Me <--- under florescents. I am constantly reminded to shut my blinds because there might be thieving stalkers just waiting to pounce and take all the schools delapidated computers when they see me step out.

1. Love the boots. I wish I could wear mine more often. When I do wear them it usually ends with "dear LORD is it hot in HERE!?!". I am very heat/cool sensitive.

2. I can't wait to start Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. I bought Three by Dillard ages ago and am just now starting it.

3. You would probably like the other book I am reading at the moment - The Anthropology of Turquoise: Reflections on Desert, Sea, Stone, and Sky. Miss Plume gave it to me as she knows my obsession with this color (and teal) and my constant struggle with figuring out "is it green? blue?".

4. Can't wait to see your 8x8s.

she said...

yes, i am once again being perpetually x-rayed for 8 hours straight in this cubicle. (the evil fluorescents themselves just buzzed spitefully.) yes, i appreciate something new to read - i thank you kindly.

thanks for the glimpses - i think i draped a similar scarf over my weary shoulders one evening last week. doesn't the mme. give the warmest of embraces?

tell...the...secret...(said in a hypnotic drone)


[word verification: "emosebbe." giggle]

UmberDove said...

Our Ladies of Perpetual Bad Lighting:

Mme. - That scarf, that book, I do love you so!

M - I remember Plume talking about that book some time ago, and even then thinking "hmmm, sounds like a good read for my chromophile self." I'd love to hear your review at the end!

She - NO! You can't push because I will give in! You must wait and see... tee HEE!

BC said...

Hehe, Booty Gal, hehe.

That's all I've got. Although, after reading comments and blogs from all you ladies, I feel slightly more 'sing-songy' in my vernacular. Curse you all.

The Noisy Plume: said...

First shot. TiGHts.

I'm feeling:
The boot stomping.
The reading.
The Pilgrim (my all time favorite EVER).
Love you to smithers Farrah.

Susan said...

Just finished Tinker Creek.


How does a person turn a dying frog into poetry? Amazing.

I'm doing a presentation on it for school. If you don't mind, I might include your pic holding the book in my PowerPoint. You look so stinking happy with it. :)