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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Retail Therapy

I'm not gonna lie.  It's been a rough weekend.  And yes, I'm aware that it's Wednesday, but I still feel like I'm waiting for Monday and the fresh beginning that comes with a new week.  

I've never been much of one to eat my feelings, stress happens (yes, in my life too believe it or not) and my stomach is the first to stage a rebellion.  My clicky-clicky-shopping fingers on the other hand, they are soldiers of the stanchest kind.  "What?" they say, "Feeling Blue?" they ask, "Why don't you come over here (Hello Etsy!) and look at this lovely necklace, this fabulous pair of shoes, or Ooh Ooh this amazing fedora?"  They have the best of intentions, but they are quick to try and spend my money for me.  

Luckily I've managed to hold them off the "Purchase" button for the last few days and instead been immensely gratified by several purchases from the month past showing up in a lumpy pile of brown paper packaging (this is of course one of my favorite things!).  Including, in all it's lilac-y glory, my new favorite shirt of all time.  Fits like a glove with a mass of artsy, twisted knots and braids down the front, don't be surprised if you see me in nothing but this shirt for the next week.  That said, I think you all should pay a little visit (with those clicky-clicky fingers in tow) to Afton River's Etsy Shop to drool over her well-made clothing.  And just so you know, I've got dibs on the "Gloria's Envy" dress!

See?  I'm feeling better all ready.  Who needs a therapist when you have Etsy?


BC said...

"My clicky-clicky-shopping fingers on the other hand, they are soldiers of the stanchest kind."


mme. bookling said...

I will take the civility coat and the streetlamp dress, thank you very much.

Your arms are different color every time I see you. teee heee.

Aspen Wear said...

The top looks great on you. I have my eye on some of this seller's pieces as well, like the "Frances goes on an outing top".

I had one of those feeling-kind-of-blue-so-I-should-buy-something times the other night and bought this ring:

I would love to have one of Ms. Plume's rings but alas, they fly out of the shop too quickly for me to snag one!

Little Sparrows Nest said...

Oh... I know all too well about the antidote of Etsy... Although.... I have been very attracted to your arm warmers and am conjuring my clicky-clicky-shopping fingers to sport my own in possibly a brown huge? They look very becoming on you!

UmberDove said...

Oh Little Sparrow, you seriously need a pair of these arm warmers (I may or may not have more than three pairs)! The gal who makes them, Treehouse58, is a total sweetheart too. For her shop:

And Aspen, that ring is yummy! And isn't that the truth with the Plume? Half the time I have to go searching her "sold" items to fall in love with her new work!

she said...

i might have to use this method of coping like, now. also, you look stunning as always :)

UmberDove said...

She: it's time for some serious self-care, and if that includes, oh a new shirt or a new bit of plumage, then I say no time like the present!

thewindhover said...

OH don't even start me on etsy obsession! I think I need to get some help for my addiction (to looking, favouriting, lusting over particularly beautiful, hand-made things).

And can I just say you do purple so well!

UmberDove said...

HA! Maybe we need to start up an E.A.A. group - Etsy Addicts Anonymous - for online support!