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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Run, January 11th 2009

I didn't even know what to make of the sunset
All bubble gum pink, pastel blue, covered in the palest gray wool.
It would have felt like a sugary-sweet nursery tale if not for the 
Aggressive shocks of verdant moss and the blood-crimson berries.

The odd song of the gulls kept me company 
As I ran through the park of naked trees, 
Each surrounded by the brittle brown aura of
Leaves long fallen.

The crows with their guttural gossip followed me
Past the melancholy of decaying tombstones
Thick moss, deep mud, punctuated by 
The occasional silk rose.

The dropping temperature invaded my throat
With its icy breath replacing my own
The rain stood in for sweat and 
My only defense was to just keep running.


BC said...

Freaking stairs....

mme. bookling said...

thanks for immortalizing those damned stairs and congrats on being the only one to go back to them.


but never again.

she said...

you know i love this poetry.

jordan said...

ok. so i guess i can see the enjoyment in living on the coast - although i would NOT enjoy drizzle all the time, i DO love to run in it. nice pics. nice words.

Iscah Mara said...

a grimms tale perhaps---running is grim work indeed!

UmberDove said...

Mme. - never say never... I'm sure I'll be able to tempt you back to the staircase of doom one of these days!

Jordan - seriously, the drizzle is the BEST to run in. I'm heading back to my parents in a few weeks (in California) and know that my throat will absolutely DRY UP in that air, and I'll be calling out for my Seattle mist.

thewindhover said...

I would be the moss on those steps - calling up to you as you climbed your way higher - perhaps we might sing into the day. You make running such an art, an adventure - you make me want to get up out of seat and find stairs, if not become them, moss-worn...

The Noisy Plume: said...

1. LOVE the BC reaction to the stairs!
2. I'll bet, when you were born, you were covered in moss and the doctors said, "Huh! What's all this green stuff???" And for a nose you had a little toadstool.